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WarCraft Mobile unveiling coming up, here’s how you can be there live

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The new Warcraft Mobile game will soon be revealed. What kind of game can you expect and how can you be part of the reveal? We explain that to you in this article.

For a long time, rumours have been swirling around the upcoming Warcraft mobile game, which will give you another opportunity to immerse yourself in Blizzard’s popular fantasy universe on your smartphone alongside Hearthstone. The unveiling is now imminent and we tell you how you can be there live.

When and where is the Reveal?

Warcraft Mobile will be officially revealed on Tuesday, 3 May 2022, at 7pm Central European Time.

If you want to watch live, you can find the (livestream on Blizzard’s website).

What kind of game is this?

At the moment it is not yet known what kind of game we can expect. Although there is always talk of Warcraft Mobile, this does not mean that a real-time strategy game will necessarily be presented here in view of how badly Command & Conquer: Rivals came off with the fans, perhaps it is better that way.

So what kind of game could Warcraft Mobile be? The following fan theories are currently circulating on social media:

  • The game will be a Pokémon Go clone.
  • Based on the huge success of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Blizzard might develop its own mobile moba.
  • Pet battles from World of Warcraft are finally coming to mobile.
  • A hero collection game with an RPG part à la Raid: Shadow Legends would also be a possibility.

A leak from renowned games journalist Jason Schreier already reveals more. On (Resetera) Schreier writes:

Yes, there are (at least) two Warcraft mobile games in development. One of them Pokemon Go, another Clash-like game. Heard a lot of good things about both

What exactly Schreier means by Clash-like game is not clear from his post. We assume he must mean either Clash Royale or Clash of Clans two of the best-selling mobile games ever.

(~) Clash Royale is a PvP deckbuilder in which players summon troops and heroes that run towards the enemy base and fight fully automatically. The troops can be supported with spells.

(~) Clash of Clans is an MMO strategy game in which you build up a village, set up defences and attack other villages with your troops. In addition, there are also clan wars.
Both game principles would, in our opinion, also lend themselves to a Warcraft variant. What kind of game would you like to play? Or can you forget about mobile games anyway? Write it down in the comments

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