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The best tank in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

They are on the front line and attract all monster eyes. Tanks are essential for any party venturing into dungeons or raids. We tell you how the three tank classes fare in the rankings.

All tanks in the ranking

Burning Crusade Classic has not been released for long and although some players have already completed the first raids, the majority of WoW Classic players are still in the leveling phase.

For this reason, the following values and the resulting ranking are not set in stone and are more of a forecast than a final ranking. We are guided by the website wowtbc.gg, which has collected and processed data from the beta and various discords.

Tank Ranking PvE Dungeons and Raids

As you can already see, all tank classes are well suited for raids and in the end it depends more on which class you prefer and can play well. However, we still want to go into all three classes in detail:

Protection Warrior

The Protection Warrior is just like in WoW Classic again the all-rounder tank and is perfect as a main tank in raids. If you still exchanged your shield for a one-handed weapon in Classic, you should now return to the shield of your trust. Thanks to the new abilities and equipment, building up and holding enemy threats is also better again.

Feral Druid

If you perhaps don’t have too much tank experience in raids yet and don’t want to play the main tank, you should reach for the Feral Druid. The bear tank is excellent as an off-tank, for example to draw secondary targets to you and split the damage between both tanks. Once you’ve built up enough threat, you can switch to cat form and dish out some more damage. This is especially useful if the raid is generally lacking in DPS.

Protection Paladin

While you tend to focus on single targets with the Protection Warrior and the Fierceness Druid, the Protection Paladin is the ultimate answer to large groups of enemies. Thanks to his holy spells and buffs, even larger groups are no problem for him. That’s why he is more suitable for off-tank than main-tank in raids and is well suited for tank beginners due to his rather simple play style.

What about PvP?

Since you have to deal with real humans as opponents in PvP and not with AI-controlled monsters, the tank plays a rather subordinate role in all player-versus-player modes. If you want to play active PvP, you should perhaps switch to a DPS class or skill. Our DPS ranking shows you which class is best suited for this.

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