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With the last update in VALORANT, Viper has received urgently needed buffs. At the same time, the community has also discovered an unwanted side effect.

With patch 1.04, the rarely played agent Viper received some buffs for her poison abilities to bring her closer to the power level of the remaining agents. Major changes have been made to her Ultimate ability.

The Snake Pit, as the ability is called, now collapses more slowly and can be ended earlier. In addition, the enemy minimap is hidden when they are in the area of the ability.

But besides these important and correct buffs there is currently a bug. If the ability is placed at certain places on the map, it will quickly become unfair. The viper player can then simply see through the gas cloud, while any enemy within the ability can’t see anything.

Due to the bug, a remake is virtually impossible on some maps, as the video demonstrates. There a complete access to the A-Spot for enemies is no longer possible.

According to the comments under the post, the bug is still applicable in many more places on different maps and occurs especially with height differences. The developers have responded quickly and are working on a fix.


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