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The new Agent Skye is integrated into Act III of the game VALORANT. Find out here what the initiator has to offer.

On October 13th the new patch 1.10 will be released and besides a new winter map called “Icebox” there will be the new agent “Skye” two weeks later. The initiator agent is supposed to be playable for the public on October 27th.

This is the official release tweet:

Only a few hours later a video about Skye was leaked on Twitch. Until the release of the new agent, of course, some changes can still be made.

Here you can see the abilities of the new agent in the video leak:

Skye has these capabilities
The video about Skye tells us a lot about the new agent, who will surely support your team in the future.

Skye can use Regrowth to heal allies in sight with a cooldown. Similar to Viper’s Fuel, this ability has a healing indicator.

The Guiding Light

“Guiding Light” is a controllable flash in the shape of an ethereal falcon. The falcon is sent forward and controlled in the same way that Jett can control her cloudbursts. The falcon can be reactivated at any point to cause a flash.

The Guide

“Trailblazer” can be called to hunt down the opposition. The Tasmanian Tiger resembles the Attack Wolves in Spike Rush, referring to anyone it attacks and deals damage to.

The Seeker

“Seekers” is an item that is thrown to find the three closest enemies. When they reach the target, the enemies are displayed. This is Skye’s Ultimate ability and can only be activated when enemies are nearby.


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