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Currently, the world’s best League of Legends teams are playing against each other in Shanghai. Due to the pandemic so far without spectators. Now Riot announced that the grand final will be held on October 31st at the stadium with local spectators.

Although the Pudong Football Stadium will not be fully occupied due to security measures, 6312 fans will be able to watch the final live. To get one of the coveted seats, fans must register for a lottery, which will take place from October 12th to 14th. To enter, fans must have a Chinese phone number and a Level 30 League of Legends account.

Originally, it was planned that Worlds 2020 would stop off in various major Chinese cities. Due to the pandemic the plan was discarded, but now at least some fans will enjoy the finale. The final will be opened by a live performance of the LoL band K/DA and a live performance of this year’s Worlds song “Take over”.

In the midst of numerous cancellations in other Esport titles, the Worlds 2020 is thus the only major tournament with spectators this year.


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