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The first Uniliga Rivals tournament in League of Legends was held after the 2019/2020 winter season. Now the four Captains have put together their teams. From Saturday, 10.10.2020, 16:00 o’clock they will compete against each other!

What are the Uniliga Rivals?
In Uniliga Rivals, four teams consisting of students from different universities compete against each other. In normal play, a team must always consist of players from one university. This is now different with the Uniliga Rivals. From the pool of players of the summer season 2020, four captains were selected by the Uniliga Admins and Castern. The Uniliga has conducted video interviews with them, which you can see here.

The Draft Phase
In the draft phase, the captains had to put together their teams. Each captain chose a player from the available pool of players for an open position in his team. No player was allowed to be picked twice and the captain had to take his main role as well.

A maximum of two players from each team of the 1st league could play in the Uniliga rivals. If two players from one location were already picked, the remaining players from that location were eliminated. In each team, however, no more than one player from a location may be selected. In addition, no players may be taken from their own location.

Stream to the Uniliga Rivals
On Saturday, 10.10.2020, from 16:00 o’clock on the Twicht Channel of the Uniliga it starts! The group phase will take place in round robin format with a best-of-1, the final will be played in best-of-3 – excitement guaranteed!


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