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Saturday, July 17, 2021

New LoL Champion Vex leaked

The next champion in League of Legends was possibly teased in the current “Sentinels of Light” event. The mage Vex can be seen in pictures.

There is more to discover in the current “Sentinels of Light” event than the battle against the fallen King Viego. The mage Vex is prowling around in pictures and could possibly be the next champion of the MOBA.

A maverick mage

It has already been suspected that Vex is a “dark” Yordle champion. This theory is further underlined with the first visual impression. Vex is a mage who prefers to be alone rather than have company. She also seems to have something to do with the story surrounding Viego, as she is part of the “Sentinels of Light” storyline.

Big problems with mobility champs?

According to further leaks, Vex seems to be a mage with burst abilities. For a few of her abilities there are already first possible hints in her description. For example, Vex would hate active champions buzzing around her. This could mean that the mage has big problems with mobile opponents and has no possibilities to escape from dicey situations herself. In the current metagame, mobility is a very important aspect, which is especially shown by the kits of the recently released champions.

Fans will have to wait a while until the first in-game footage of Vex appears. With Akshan, a new champion will already be added to the game during the next patch 11.15, which will be released on 21 July. In the course of the “Sentinels of Light” story, however, there will certainly be more information about Vex.


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