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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Morgana with Perma-Root? How overpowered is the new Lol item?

The item Anathema’s Chain is now on the PBE servers and is already causing a stir. Because it could allow Morgana to bind her opponents forever.

Morgana’s “dark bond” is already one of the Championess’ most feared abilities, but with the new tank item Anathema’s Chains, the Q ability becomes even stronger. For the item not only gives you a lot of life and reduces the damage of a selected champion, it also minimises the toughness of the opponent by 20% and gives you additional ability speed.

Currently Morgana rounds her opponents, with a fully maximised Q, for 3 seconds. If the opponent she selected with the item Anathema’s Chain did not purchase items with Toughness, the shackle duration is extended by another 0.6 seconds. Toughness reduces the duration of crowd control effects, such as Morgana’s Q. So if your toughness takes on a negative value, it will increase the duration of the effects.

Morgana’s crowd control ability normally has a 10 second cooldown, however this is already reduced by Anathema’s Chain, thanks to the extra ability speed.

With further items such as “Lyandris Sorrow” or “Cosmic Drive”, Morgana can further increase her ability speed. If she manages to get over 178 ability speed, her cooldown is reduced by 64%. Thus, Morgana can use her Q again right when her Root expires and tie up her opponent until she defeats them.


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