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The corona crisis leads to numerous restrictions on public life. So how does one spend time at home? For LoL players obviously with more rounds in the gap. Riot Games has a massive increase in players according to their own statements.

Server at the load limit
Mel Capperino-Garcia, Associate Program Manager at Riot Games, reported yesterday on Twitter that Riot’s North American servers were running at 90% capacity. Accordingly, there were queues for login and increased waiting times for game searches. Although Riot is now working on increasing the capacity of the servers, there are still bottlenecks.

Preference for professionals and partners
To mitigate the limitations, Riot has decided to put the professionals and partners of LoL on a “whitelist” that allows them to bypass the queues.

Not only the Esportlers should be able to train without problems, waiting players could at least pass the time via their favourite streams. The measure will be implemented in all regions within the next few days.

Have you felt any effects in your games? What do you think of Rott’s actions? Tell us via social media!


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