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The end of season 10 in League of Legends has come. With patch 10.23, Riot Games now heralds the 2021 preseason and introduces numerous changes to the game, as well as massive adjustments to champions.

Preseason patch 10.23 arrived on the League of Legends live servers on November 11th. According to Riot Games, the core of the new update is the completely revised item system. We’ve already compiled more information about the contents of the new patch for you here.

In addition to items, the preseason update also affects numerous champions – here is an overview of all upcoming changes to them:

– Caitlyn: Critical Strike chance will reduce the passive ability “Head Shot”.
– Jhin: passive damage reduction of critical strikes and critical strike chance are reduced.
– Senna: reduced passive critical strike damage reduction and critical strike chance per 20 souls; ultimate ability now collects Mist Spirits when activated.
– Tryndamere: passive critical strike chance unified – always 0.4%.
– Yasuo: passive ability “Wanderer’s Path” now converts that portion of its critical strike chance that exceeds 100% to additional attack damage.
– Yone: Hunter’s Path passive ability now converts that portion of his critical strike chance that exceeds 100% into additional attack damage.

– Akali: Reducing the cost of the Q ability in the later game.
– Katarina: Passive and E and R abilities now trigger hit effects; R now deals hybrid damage and scales with attack speed.
– Kayle: additional attack speed of the passive ability Divine Advancement now scales with ability power.
– Ornn: Masterpiece (Item Revaluation) now revalues mythical items; in addition to armor and magic resistance, he now gains additional health; additional defenses increase with each masterpiece produced.
– Viktor: Hex core removal; augment abilities by participating in kills and dealing death blows to minions; increased damage from E and increased mana boost.

– Fire: Damage reduction to passive and E ability.
– Amumu: Reduction in basic health and armor.
– Elise: Poison Bite e-skill now triggers hit effects.
– Seraphine: reduces basic mana regeneration; passive ability scales with ability power; higher and with ability power scaling damage to Q ability; reduced damage to E ability but constant damage to minions (100%).
– Twitch: damage from passive ability Deadly Poison and the slowing of the W ability now scale with ability power; scaling with ability power of the E ability Contaminate now deals magic damage.
– Volibear: The passive ability now scales with ability power; E ability deals more damage to minions in later game.

Another adjustment affects the mana balance of 31 champions: Since the mana bonus of items such as Tear, Shine, Curse of the Light has been changed and most mythical items do not give additional mana, many champions now receive a +20 mana increase. These champions are:

Amumu, Anivia, Camille, Cassiopeia, Cho’Gath, Corki, Darius, Ekko, Ezreal, Fiora, Fizz, Gangplank, Hecarim, Irela, Jax, Kassadin, Malphite, Nasus, Ornn, Ryze, Skarner, Sylas, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Vi, Viktor, Volibear, Wukong, Xin Zhao, Yorick, Zilean.



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