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One of the newest champions in League of Legends is facing a nerf. Rell, the iron maiden, will lose some of her usefulness as a tank, according to Riot Games.
Rell takes too much damage. Developer Riot Games seems to have come to the same conclusion. Due to the increasing popularity of the support champion thanks to her tanking qualities, Rell is to receive a nerf.

Ray “RiotRayYonggi” Williams, Riot Games employee, wrote to the discussion on Reddit about the PBE changes to Rell that she will be “slightly generated.” Her utility is to be reduced, which gives her allied champions a strong boost in defense and a base shield. However, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt ahead of the upcoming patch notes. “I don’t even know if it’s final,” Williams admits.

In addition, he says it’s more likely to continue to be kept at maximum Q ability by reducing durability for each W point gained.” According to Williams, players with Rell statistically have a 52 percent win rate and even over 53 percent on Platinum or higher.

Rell could also receive a buff instead of a tank and become an AP carry with patch 11.3, which will be released on Feb. 3. The champion’s focus is on high effect damage (Ability Power). According to PBE data, most of her damage done is increased on nearly all effects – including by 40 percent on her Ultimate.


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