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Thursday, October 14, 2021

LoL Patch 11.21 – Miss Fortune will probably be generated after Worlds domination


After possible changes for the item Goredrinker were already announced, there is now new information for the League of Legends patch 11.21.

Update 12 October:

Riot contributor Phlox shared more information about the upcoming patch 11.21 on Twitter on Monday. Only a few changes await the players:inside. A total of eleven champions will be adjusted. The patch is scheduled to go live on 20 October.

As some fans had hoped, Miss Fortune is expected to be generated in the next update. The champion currently has a particularly high presence on the big stage at the League of Legends World Championship, but in the future she will probably be chosen less often. In addition to Miss Fortune, Graves, Akshan, Quinn and Karthus are to be weakened.

In return, the fallen King Viego will regain power according to this preview after receiving massive nerfs a few patches ago. Furthermore, the following champions will probably be buffed: Lux, Sion, Xayah, Jinx, and Teemo.

Not only the champion picks, but also the choice of runes might have to be adjusted a bit in the future. The keystone runes Guardian and Conqueror are to be weakened. In return, Ingenious Hunter could be more worthwhile again, depending on the extent of the planned buff.

Goredrinker is currently the only item on the list for patch 11.21. The latest changes from the PBE server can be found in the original text below the update.

Original from 11 October:

The Goredrinker is currently one of the strongest items in League of Legends. However, on the PBE server, the item was toned down last week. The entire revision and the associated nerf of the mythical item could come into the game with patch 11.21 on 20 October.

After champions who like to use the Goredrinker were generated in the last patches, in all likelihood the item itself will now also be adjusted by Riot. The changes are intended to bring the item back to the actual bruiser champions, after other AD champions were able to take advantage of it, especially recently.

Base health regeneration as well as spite passives have been completely removed on the PBE, so a player’s damage will no longer increase if they lack health. Instead, an omnivamp value of 8% is added.

The biggest change has been made to the item’s active ability. Thirsting Slash has been changed so that the damage is no longer 100% of the total AD value, but 175% of the base AD value. However, these adjustments are subject to change until the release of patch 11.21 on Wednesday 20 October.

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