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Riot Games has already given the new Volibear its first buffs – but the victory rate remains in the basement. The agenda for next week’s LoL-patch is already set.

Riot Games has buffed the abilities of the new Volibear on Monday. Its rework released last week was statistically much weaker than the previous version. With a victory rate of only about 40 percent it is currently one of the worst champions in the game. Riot Games usually aims for a victory rate of about 50 percent.

The Polar Bear’s scores have improved in Q and E ability, but his statistics still look poor. With the release of patch 10.12 on June 10th, another buff for Volibear can therefore be expected.

Changes to Ghost and dragon souls
The summoner spell Ghost will be changed with the upcoming update. It gives the caster less movement speed and more cooldown than before, but in return immediately unlocks the maximum speed bonus instead of the two-second startup time. In addition, the duration of the effect will be extended when the caster is involved in a kill. Especially Darius benefits from this change, as Ghost is very popular with him anyway.

Two of the dragons also change, more precisely the effects of their souls on the map. New speed zones will be added to the cloud map, which will also provide even more speed when a champion crosses them outside of combat. On the Infernal Map, there will be more Blast Cones that can hurl you around.

Buffs for Runes, Akali and Senna
The patch 10.12 will strengthen some runes: Guardian, Predator, Unflinching and Approach Velocity all get slightly better values.

Additionally, the champions Akali, Senna, Xayah, Brand and Viktor are on the buff list. Senna was left out in last week’s big AD Carry patch, while Xayah was only slightly adjusted. Both do more damage with the new update.

Nerfs for Varus, Yasuo and Co.
Especially many nerfs are not planned for the LoL-Patch 10.12. Varus, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks and Trundle are to be softened.

Varus and Fiddlesticks were recently strengthened with patch 10.11, but Riot Games seems to have overstepped the mark. For Yasuo there will even be drastic nerfs: The champion will lose some life and get a higher cooldown on his W ability. At least: Yasuo’s passive shield value will increase slightly in the upcoming patch.


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