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Under the name CoD: Black Ops Cold War, the Call of Duty community is currently collecting the first leaks to this year’s offshoot of the military shooter.

On 03 June, leaks have appeared for the 2020 Call of Duty. Several sources report that the new title will be called Black Ops Cold War. There is first information about the gameplay and the maps.

First gameplay snippets have appeared. These show a very unfinished map and textures, but give first hints about the gameplay and movement of the next Black Ops part.

Back to the beginning
With the setting of the Cold War, Black Ops goes back to the beginnings of the series, reports Eurogamer. The first part was set in the 1960s and, with its successors, was moving more and more towards the future.

So the new title follows the Back to the Roots trend, which Modern Warfare also follows. This also applies to the maps known so far. According to Twitter user Tom Henderson, who in the past has often made COD leaks known, many old fan favourites should find their way into the new game.

As Eurogamer reports, the infamous bunkers in CoD: Warzone should also provide further clues about the new title. This has not yet been confirmed by Activision.

The community also suspects that the Warzone mode should also find a place in Black Ops Cold War. In this case there will probably be a new map as well.


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