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The LoL developers have already announced first changes that will go live with patch 10.10. On the list are some buffs and nerfs.

The next LoL patch will not only generate seven champions, but also buffs for Nidalee and Sivir, for example. These plans have been shared on Twitter by Mark Yetter, the lead gameplay designer of the game.

Udyr-Buff comes, Malphite remains strong
Some of the buffs are highly anticipated in the community. For example, the Udyr buff could raise its win rate back above 50%, bringing the Jungle Champ a little closer to the pick rates of Volibear and co.

Also the nerfs of Miss Fortune and Diana are welcome. Both changes could make the meta a bit more varied again. Nevertheless many fans ask themselves why champs like Malphite are not being generated in the toplane.

Lane changes stay out
However, the developers still want to wait with the planned changes of the bot and midlane. These have to be tested for the right balance first, so you have to wait until the next but one update.


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