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China has a new League of Legends champion. The team around the South Korean Jin-hyeok “Kanavi” Seo won the final of the LPL on Saturday with a narrow 3:2 victory.

In the final the opponent was called Top Esports. The matchup was a lively back and forth between both parties. First JD took the lead, Top Esports equalized. Afterwards it went the other way around.

With 2:2 in the last game it was about the title. Two won fights gave away the victory in the end. JD Gaming was able to bring itself on the winning track thanks to a strong move of Zuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao.

This is the first time that JD Gaming has been named the Chinese champion in League of Legends. The team reached the final in spring 2019, but lost to Invictus Gaming.

World Champion FunPlus Phoenix already said goodbye after a 3-0 defeat to JD in the semi-finals, but won the match for 3rd place against Invictus Gaming.

Normally the national title guarantees a starting place at the MidSeason Invitational, but this year this has been cancelled and the Worlds have been revised as well.


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