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In 30 hours to the highest rank in VALORANT? CS:GO professional TenZ has achieved a milestone only a short time after the introduction of the rank system.

In the night of May 1st, the rank mode in VALORANT came with the update 0.49. In America, gamers were allowed to gamble a little earlier.

For Tyson “TenZ” Ngo his way into Elo-heaven began there. Already after the first hours he was classified in “Immortal 1”. 30 hours after the Ranked-Launch he was honored as the first “VALORANT” player in North America.

VALORANT is the highest rank in the game. According to Gamerant, TenZ, who served as a streamer for Cloud9’s CS:GO team after losing his starting position, probably has a better matchmaking Elo than many others, as he was already matched with very good players before the rank launch.

Riot Games also twittered the TenZ Uprank with the official Twitter account for the game. The Canadian got the final Uprank after he went 30-15 in the match and won his team 13-9. He played the healer Sage.

An exact statement when the first VALORANT player in Europe was born is not yet available.

But according to Riot, the ranks from the closed beta will not be taken over for the launch this summer. TenZ would have to fight its way up again.


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