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Leak shows new LoL champion Nilah and her abilities

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There are already first hints about the new AD-Carry in League of Legends. Leaks show the champion Nilah and her abilities.

The new jungler Bel’Veth appeared in League of Legends on June 8 with patch 12.11 and already there is speculation about the next champion. This past weekend, a few leaks surfaced about the new AD Carry in the MOBA.

Already in the Champion Roadmap: April 2022, a new bot laner was reported to be water-related. Leaks now seem to give a first glimpse of the Champion. Nilah is to become an AD-Carry, which will be a kind of water-Yasuo. At the same time, the champion seems to have a much smaller range compared to other AD Carrys such as Jinx, Kai’Sa or Caitlyn.

Nilah is said to only be able to attack from a distance of 400 and her attack speed seems to be quite low as well. However, with her Passive, the Champion could increase it with each hit. A leak also gives a first insight into the rest of her abilities. The Q-Skill is supposed to be a short Dash, where the next attack hits twice.

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