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Champion Guide – Gameplay of Samira

Samira is a quick-witted LoL champion. Thanks to her firepower, the “Desert Rose” is suitable as an AD-carry for the offensive.

As the 151st champion, Samira will make her first powerful appearance in the game League of Legends on Wednesday. Also known as “Desert Rose”, she is a mechanically demanding character that will be available in patch 10.19. Because she can deal decent damage even from a slightly greater distance, Samira belongs in the Marksmen category.

Because of her changing arsenal between firearms and swords, Samira also likes to throw herself directly into the fray. To make her a threateningly strong champion on the bot lane, typical items for AD-Carrys are required.

Samira benefits the most when the cool-down times for her skills are reduced. The more often she can use them, the faster her unique style level increases. This improves each time because of her passive ability “Daredevil Impulse”. As soon as she reaches the S-rank, her Ultimate Inferno Trigger can be fired.

Essence Reaver is a must in Samira’s arsenal
As an item “Essence Reaver” is a must. It reduces Samira’s Cooldown by 20 percent while increasing the damage dealt by 70 percent. In addition, the chance of a critical hit is increased by 25 percent.

To increase your own power even further, access to “Infinity Edge” can always help. 80 points more damage and an additional 25 percent increase on critical hits thus make Samira a dangerous champion.

Offensive power through Death’s Dance and Bloodthirster
In the Late Game, Samira can reach maximum performance as soon as powerful items such as Death’s Dance or Bloodthirster are added. Especially the former reduces her cool-down by another ten percent and strengthens her attack by 50 percent. Added to this is the Lifesteal, with which Samira can heal herself effectively and hold out even longer in battle.

Not to forget Conqueror. Thanks to the rune, the damage bonus increases immensely together with Samira’s fast attacks. Even a Coupe de Grace can make a big difference with eight percent more damage on enemies with 40 percent or less Health, leading to multi-kills.

Besides the position of the AD-Carry Samira is also suitable as a solo lancer on top or mid. Due to her high damage potential, she can exert extremely high pressure on individual opponents. However, especially at the beginning of the match, you should attack from a distance and eliminate the waves from a safe distance. Because of its low defense, it would be an early victim for enemy ganks.

However, as soon as the game progresses and the appropriate items are equipped, Samira is difficult to stop. Above all, she should be trimmed for reduced cool down and critical hits, especially with her Q ability, in order to put the opponent under pressure as often as possible and charge her Ultimate. With the necessary support of her team, the Desert Rose will be more than a thorn in the side of her opponent.

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