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League of Legends developer Riot Games has introduced the rework of the champion fiddlestick. The Scarecrow is designed to teach its opponent fear and make the game more exciting.

Earlier this year, Riot announced that they were revamping the Scarecrow-like character. The goal is to make Fiddlesticks the scariest champion in the game and give him numerous ways to ambush his opponents.

Appropriately enough, most of his new abilities revolve around scaring enemies and dealing tons of damage. In the trailer Riot shows how dangerous the new Fiddlesticks is.

trick or treat
At first sight, the Champion differs from its old version mainly in its appearance. The design is much less colourful. However, the main focus is on its new or modified capabilities.

The new passive feature “A Harmless Scarecrow” allows the monster to create replicas of itself that feign random actions. This allows Fiddlesticks to lure enemies into traps or scare them away.

With “Terrify” enemies flee from the herald of doom for a short time and receive damage based on their current health. The skill also has a passive effect: If Fiddlesticks attacks an enemy unnoticed from an ambush, a fear effect is also triggered. If a victim has been scared twice in quick succession, they will receive double damage from “Terrify”. This makes the ability a powerful combo attack.

Other spells include stealing life energy, a slowing attack that stops the spell, and summoning a flock of crows.

No release date yet
Although there is no fixed release date for the revised version of Fiddlesticks yet, it shouldn’t take too long. The champion won a community vote together with Volibear, in which Riot asked which heroes should get a rework next.


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