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After threats against professionals – LCK tightens security measures

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After a gun, among other things, was sent to a team, the LCK tightens security measures at the venue.

It’s a scary scenario: After the Korean e-sports organisation KT Rolster first received threats and pictures of weapons, a package with a weapon also recently landed in the League of Legends team’s mailbox. KT confirmed this in a statement last week. The Korean top league LCK is now drawing conclusions from this and other incidents.

According to an official announcement on Wednesday, security measures at the league’s venue, the LCK Arena, will be tightened. All spectators will have to undergo a security check before entering the arena. According to the LCK, this will include a bag check and, “in the near future”, the use of metal detectors. Additional security personnel will provide security in the arena.

KT Rolster is not the only team to have faced threats from fans in the recent past. Just last week, it was revealed that T1 and Mid-Lane legend Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok are now even suing authors of hate comments.

Meanwhile, several sources, as well as the teams themselves, report that the incidents are causing discomfort among players and staff. “Members of KT Rolster feel anxious and unsafe,” reads an official statement from the organisation.

The tightened security measures have been in place since 27 July. It is currently unclear if and when they can be relaxed again.

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