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GTA 6 – This Ryan Gosling film is said to have inspired Rockstar Games

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There are almost as many myths about the next Grand Theft Auto as there are about Atlantis or the Loch Ness Monster. But now there are new clues.

For quite some time there have been rumours about “GTA 6”, whose official title is not yet known. When will the game be released? Where does the action take place and what is the story about?

In February 2022, publisher Rockstar Games confirmed that a sequel to the huge hit GTA V was in development. With that, however, the rumour mill really started to bubble. Now the next clue is supposed to provide information about the identities of the protagonists in the game. They are said to be modelled on a Hollywood blockbuster.

What happened so far

Even before the announcement of the new GTA part, there were always rumours and leaks. While the game’s developers are still keeping mum on details about the game, they fell victim to perhaps the biggest leak in video game history in September last year.

A hacker had published almost 100 images and videos of the unfinished GTA sequel. The authenticity of the material has since been confirmed.

Here you can find the official statement from Rockstar Games about the incident:

One of the things that came out of the leak was that one of the plot locations will be Vice City and that there will be multiple plot locations. In addition, the game will have two protagonists – including a woman for the first time.

The rumour mill around GTA 6 is not cooling down at all since the huge leak in September. The community is getting more and more impatient and is eagerly waiting for the details that Rockstar Games promised in their statement. Some users suspect, for example, that one of the other locations could be in Cuba or Puerto Rico.

The reason for this is that these are geographically close to Miami – the model for Vice City.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes as role models for new main characters

There had already been unconfirmed leaks and rumours describing the new game’s protagonists as some kind of Bonnie and Clyde couple. But now some Reddit users claim to have found out the actual inspiration for the protagonist couple: the Hollywood movie The Place Beyond the Pines

Many agree that there is an undeniable similarity between the two couples. However, it is unclear whether this is limited to the appearance of the characters or whether the story from the film with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes will also find its way into the new GTA.

2023 could be the big announcement

It remains intriguing when Rockstar Games will announce more details about the fabled new title.

Some users on Reddit and Twitter have mentioned the Superbowl as a possible event for an official announcement. New trailers are often shown there.

While these speculations have been around for the past two years, perhaps 2023 is indeed the year GTA 6 will finally be announced.

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