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RPG Sale on GOG and Steam: 7 recommendations from the role-playing game expert

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There are a lot of great RPGs for sale on Steam and GOG right now. We present a few real recommendations.

At GlobalESportNews we appreciate role-playing games among many other things. Especially if they are reasonably complex or tell us a truly epic story. That”s why we also look very closely when this wonderful genre is being celebrated somewhere.

That”s exactly the case right now, because (on Steam) and (on GOG) parallel sales are running around role-playing games of all kinds. Admittedly, the selection of games on both platforms is not particularly huge. But simply buying everything away is still not an option, of course.

That”s why I”ve picked out seven games from the masses that I”d like to recommend to you today. Three highlights, and four more well-intentioned pieces of advice.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

  • Subgenre: Oldschool Roleplaying Game
  • Release: September 2021
  • Discount & Price: 15 Euro, reduced by 70 percent

    Those who know me will not hear me rave about Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous for the first time. But for me personally, this RPG was simply the best role-playing game in years. And that in the face of strong oldschool competition. But if you appreciate a really complex rules system, prefer to travel in a large group and are looking for a story that is as epic as it is adaptable, then you won”t find a better option than Wrath of the Righteous at the moment. Here, you really feel like your intricately constructed character has real influence on the characters around him and the course of the great crusade against the demon hosts.

    Yes, the rulebook goes deeper than a dwarven mine, but exploring this mine is tremendous fun in its own right. And if you really just want to have an exciting adventure, you can always reduce the difficulty to such an extent that you don”t need to focus much on meaningful builds and level ups.

    By the way, this RPG epic is currently cheaper than ever and only got its Enhanced Edition at the end of 2022. So if you want to get in on the action, now”s the time!

    To the offers:

    The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    • Subgenre: Open-World Role-Playing Game
    • Release: May 2015
    • Discount & Price: 10 Euro, reduced by 80 percent

      Over the past few years, I have often been wary of recommending The Witcher 3 to you yet. Why should I? It feels like every reader in the GlobalESportNews community has already played this milestone, and that The Witcher 3 is a good game is known even by those who haven”t. Still, I want to make an exception this time, targeting both those who may have been too young for Witcher 3 in 2015 or those who may have missed out on the fabulous expansions.

      If there was ever an opportunity to catch up on The Witcher 3, it”s now! The action RPG about the grumpy, lovable witcher Geralt was recently completely redesigned graphically and thus brought up to next-gen level. What”s more, you can currently get the Complete Edition for just 10 euros. That”s hardly anything, considering the quality and the hundreds of hours of playtime you can spend in the main game and all the expansions.

      Go to the offers:

      Wasteland 3

      • Subgenre: Oldschool Roleplaying Game
      • Release: August 2020
      • Discount & Price: 17 Euro, reduced by 50 percent (Steam), 10 Euro, reduced by 70 percent (GOG)

        Wasteland 3 has almost gone down a bit in the years since its release. Even at the time of its release, however, it was a terrific role-playing game that answers the question of what Fallout 3 might have looked like if the licence hadn”t ended up with Bethesda. inXile remains true to its old-school roots on the one hand, but takes the series a good bit further graphically.

        Personally, I am particularly pleased that Wasteland 3 is very open with the choice of companions. Right at the beginning, I create two heroes instead of just one, as usual, and even later I can create and take on more mercenaries. Prefabricated companions are still available, of course. In addition, Wasteland 3 is especially worthwhile for you if you don”t always want to play through a role-playing game alone. You could also play this RPG in co-op and explore the snowy wasteland in pairs.

        Go to the offers:

        4 more recommendations

        Besides these three big highlights, there are a few more role-playing gems on Steam and on Gog that I”d like to recommend to you.

        • Disco Elysium: As a hungover police officer you have to solve a curious murder and in the process remember what kind of character you are actually playing. An unusual RPG, with one of the best stories ever. (10 Euro at Steam and at GOG)
        • Grim Dawn: It doesn”t always have to be oldschool. Grim Dawn is a grandiose action role-playing game in the style of Diablo or Titan Quest. It shares the dark world with Diablo and the skill system with Titan Quest. (6 Euro at Steam)
        • Solasta: Crown of the Magister: What I love about Solasta is that it focuses on the group. I create each of the four heroes, but they don”t just stand generically in the background, they speak up and act according to their personalities. In combination with the rule system and the tactical battles, this makes Solasta a real insider tip. (14 Euro at Steam and at GOG)
        • Kingdom Come: Deliverance: A wonderful journey back in time to the Middle Ages where you explore a large open world. This role-playing game shows that our own history is often so exciting that dragons or magic are not always necessary. (7 Euro at Steam and 8 Euro at GOG)

        Price comparison

        To give you a complete overview of other offers, here are all my recommendations again in a clear table:

        Game Steam GOG Humble gamesplanet
        Disco Elysium €9.99 €10.00 39.99€
        Grim Dawn 5,99€ 23.99€ 6,24€
        Kingdom Come: Deliverance €7.49 8.09€ 8.09€ 14,99€
        Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous €14.99 15.00€ 14,99€ 14,99€
        Solasta: Crown of the Magister €13.99 13,99€ 13,99€ 11,99€
        The Witcher 3: Complete Edition 9,99€ 10.00€ 9,99€
        Wasteland 3 €16.99 €10.19 11,99€ 19,99€

        Which role-playing games do you particularly like and to whom would you recommend them? Write us in the comments if you find a particularly good offer on one of them!


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