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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Youtubers Life 2: Release date and price fixed

The influencer life simulation Youtubers Life 2 reveals the release date. In addition, the price has already been set.

Youtubers Life 2, the sequel to the life simulation about being an influencer, now has a release date. The game will be released on 19 October 2021 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Publisher Raiser Games announced the information via press release.

The price for Youtubers Life 2 has also been set in the meantime. For 30 euros, players can re-enact the life of a Youtuber without having to stand in front of the camera in real life.

If you want to buy the game, we offer you a Affiliate-Link here. If you buy Youtubers Life 2 here, we will receive a small commission. The price for you does not change.

What’s Youtubers Life 2 about?

Youtubers Life 2 wants to offer more playful freedom than its predecessor. Players slip into the skin of their own character, whom they must henceforth make into a well-known influencer in the social media. They create content on the fictional platforms NewTube, Glitch and InstaLife, which are based on reality.

Here you can see a new trailer for the game:

For the first time, Youtubers Life 2 also offers a larger game world with the NewTube City, which enables various social interaction possibilities with other influencers. Players are also given quests to gain valuable knowledge on how to succeed in the fast-paced world of influencers.

On board for Youtubers Life 2 are big names like PewDiePie, Paluten and GermanLetsPlay, as you can read here:

Youtubers Life 2: Comes with licensed stars like PewDiePie and Paluten

With a flying drone, players take on life at any given moment. To always offer the hottest new content, they also follow trends and participate in in-game events.

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