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YouTube now aggressively cracking down on users who use ad blockers

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The platform is getting tired of ad blockers.

Advertising on YouTube is a seemingly never-ending issue.

It was only in June that we reported that YouTube was cracking down on the use of ad blockers. What was then only the case sporadically and on a test basis is now becoming more and more prevalent.

This is how it used to be: The desktop app asked users to disable their ad blocker and threatened to block playback. Eventually, the service confirmed: Ad blockers would violate YouTube’s terms of service

I can’t play any yt video or it says I’m using and ad-blocker even though I’m not, other account works perfectly fine
byu/N1TROGUE inyoutube

(Numerous reports) on (Reddit) in recent weeks, YouTube is now taking a more rigorous approach – and setting an ultimatum. Users receive notices that they have a maximum of three videos time to turn off the adblocker, writes (9to5Google).

As evidenced by some users, in some cases the prompt appears instead of the videos themselves, or as a pop-up when viewed in full-screen mode.

This seems to be YouTube’s approach: If you watch a certain number of videos with your account while using an ad blocker, the platform registers that and locks you out if necessary. 

In fact, editors report that videos continue to play even after they have logged out and continue to use an ad blocker.

By the way, the message does not appear on mobile devices yet.

What is YouTube trying to accomplish with this?

For years, ad blockers were tolerated, but YouTube is interested in selling its monthly subscription. This costs around 12 euros and offers other benefits besides freedom from advertising, such as access to YouTube Music.

YouTube is getting serious and is now taking more rigorous action against ad blockers. If you use one, the video platform may lock you out until you turn it off. What do you think: Does YouTube have a kind of domiciliary right and should enforce it? How do you use the platform? Do you accept ads or do you also have a premium account?


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