The biggest Dragon Age for 0 euros: Epic is now giving away a huge role-playing game treasure!


This week’s free game is a real chunk, because Dragon Age: Inquisition offers you dozens of hours of adventure

When the Inquisition approaches, it’s not usually a reason to jump for joy. In the case of Dragon Age: Inquisition, however, we are happy to make an exception. Even almost ten years after its release, the role-playing game still looks pretty and, above all, gives you dozens of hours of adventure in a packed fantasy world.

Have we awakened the dragon in you? Then rejoice, because this week the role-playing game is available for free in the Game of the Year edition from Epic! We have all the information for you – and of course the link to the offer

This is Dragon Age: Inquisition

(Genre:Role-playing game –Release:November 2014 –Developer:Bioware)

(Get Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on the Epic Store)

A game world to fall in love with, wrote our then still fresh-faced dragon master Kevinin his test back in 2014. And it’s true: The fantasy realm of Thedas is bursting with quests, characters and interesting locations. Your thirst for discovery is awakened above all by the phenomenal foresight.

What’s it all about?A demon army invades Thedas through dimension gates and now guess who is the only one with the power to close these gates again? That’s right, you! Along the way, you’ll also rebuild the eponymous Inquisition and spend a lot of time with your lovable companions, who you can of course also seduce – in classic Bioware style.

When it comes to combat, the action is rather action-packed, despite the tactical pause function. You can’t expect the complexity of aDragon Age: Origins, but also not the undemanding bludgeoning ofDragon Age 2, but … well, something in between. Tip from us:Play with gamepad, the controls are noticeably designed for this, especially in the battles.

The Game of the Year Edition offers you the following content:

  • The main game, who would have thought it!
  • All released DLCs: Hakkon’s Catches, The Descent and Intruder
  • Deluxe Edition chests for multiplayer mode
  • Loot of the Avvar: Five mounts, two armor sets and new ways to customize the fortress to your liking.
  • Flames of the Inquisition equipment, consisting of an arsenal of weapons, armor and an armored mount
  • Loot of the Qunari: An armored war mount, new armor sets – including one in the style of the Arishok – and objects for the fortress

We could fill many more pages if we were to take a closer look at all the facets of Dragon Age: InquisitionCrafting, a headquarters that can be visited at any time and all kinds of companions– as you can see, there’s plenty of content waiting for you here, and it’s even free as part of the new Epic promotion

By the way, Epic is said to have big plans for the coming weeks:Until June 13, 2024, particularly well-known triple-A titles will be given away every seven days – at least according to insiders. We will find out whether this is true or whether Dragon Age: Inquisition is just an exception next week at the latest, when the rotation starts again.