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Azeroth is plagued by a zombie plague during the Shadowlands pre-event, which players are currently using to make life difficult for bots.

World of Warcraft is currently plagued by a zombie plague during the pre-event. In the Invasion of the Scourge event, undead Scourge followers are romping around the capitals and infecting other players, making bots especially deadly.

Therefore bots are problematic
Bots are automated game characters that are controlled by programs and kill the same monsters or collect materials in an area over and over again without the intervention of a human player in order to make a profit in the form of gold or crafting materials.

Many players find the bots annoying because they damage the economy in the game and are especially annoying when you have to share a quest area with them. Although Blizzard has repeatedly banned bots in waves and has now also banned so-called multi-boxing software, many bots still haunt the game.

How players use the pre-event against bots
Now players take the helm themselves, using the current pre-event and zombie invasion to massively disrupt the bots. As mentioned above, players can get infected with the zombie virus and become a zombie themselves. Instead of their actual class abilities they then have some zombie actions with which they can infect other players as well.

Players now use this mechanism against bots to effectively prevent them from farming monsters or materials: They infect the enemies and thereby destroy their farming routine. You can see how this looks like in the linked video:

Players are enthusiastic
Not surprisingly, players are enthusiastic about the method and exchange areas on Reddit where they have seen many bots. Some even agree to do the same as the player from the YouTube video and go bot hunting as well.

Caution is nevertheless advisable: Many players warn of automatic bans by mass reports that could be triggered by the players behind the bots. So far we don’t have any information that such a case has actually occurred, but we would like to advise you to be careful at this point.


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