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What a mess: Hasbro now claims Activision didn’t lose the Transformers game after all

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What Now? After a Hasbro employee insinuated Activision lost a hard drive in an interview, the company is now backpedaling

There must have been some trouble behind the scenes. Shortly after public about the statements of a Hasbro employee was reported, the company now but again to speak and apologizes to Activision. Originally, it was claimed that the publisher of the popular Transformers games Battle for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron had simply lost the hard drives with all the data for these games – for this reason, no re-release of the games is currently possible.

Now, however, Hasbro claims the opposite. In a renewed statement to Axios reporter Stephen Totilo, a Hasbro spokesperson came forward to refute the whole insinuation.

To clarify, comments claiming Transformers games were lost were in error. We apologize to Activision and regret any confusion

So apparently there was a bit of trouble with Activision on this matter, who were naturally less than pleased to hear someone accuse them of such sloppiness. However, a new explanation for a missing re-release of the games was not given.

On Twitter, a high-ranking Activision-Blizzard employee also came forward with very, very clear words for the insinuation of losing the hard drives:

These headings are wrong. We have the code, it is not lost and never was

So it remains exciting how it will go on with the two games around the Autobots in the future and if Activision possibly still complies with the wish for a re-release or even a remaster. In any case, the Hasbro employee in question will think twice before saying something like that to another company in the future.

What do you think about the situation? Have you played the Transformers games and would you like to see a remaster? How do you think this misunderstanding could have happened? Post it in the comments!


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