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Large parts of the VALORANT community agree: The agent Raze is too strong. But while many demand a nerf, the developers take their time to analyze the situation.

In a polygon interview, VALORANT’s Lead Game Designer Trevor Romleski explains why they are still waiting with the nerf from Raze. He says she is an agent whose great impact is clearly visible to everyone through high numbers on the scoreboard.

In comparison, the problem with Raze is that many of her abilities currently do a lot of damage and she often gets a lot of kills. If someone like Cypher plays extremely well and collects a lot of information for the team, it doesn’t directly affect the scoreboard.

The community should first get used to the game
So instead of patching directly, because Raze seems too strong for many, the developers want to wait. According to the latest developer diary, many players have yet to learn the ropes and figure out how to counter certain actions.

The game is very difficult to balance and therefore large updates should be used sparingly. Nevertheless, Romleski also admits in the interview that Raze’s ultimate ability needs better visual indicators. It’s still too difficult to dodge in time.

When exactly this update will be released, the developer leaves open. As you can see from the video, there will be no regular updates like there are for League of Legends. Instead, it would be up to the community to come up with new tactics for such situations.


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