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On April 3, a twitch rival event will be streamed with the new riot shooter Valorant. But already today there are new ingame shots that reveal a lot about the game.

In the seven minutes of the leaked gameplay, especially the new training map is shown. The original video has already been removed, though. One part of the map is a classic shooting range. There the player can make settings for training directly in the game.

Portals continue
But the map offers even more: If you walk through a portal, you can try to defuse a placed spike against bots on different levels of difficulty.

The menu shown at the beginning also shows the possibility to practice placing the spike against bots.

The buy menu
The gameplay also shows the complete purchase menu of the game. There are four pistols and rifles at different prices and two snipers, SMGs, shotguns and LMGs each. All in all, the UI still looks relatively overloaded compared to CS:GO.

On the other hand, Valorant offers very precise information about the weapon just selected. So you can read the damage, shot rate and more directly and accurately on the “Vandal”, one of the expensive rifles.

A new character
In addition to the eight already known characters, there is a male character in the selection screen that has not been introduced before. Unfortunately the name is not shown.

From the portrait point of view the character resembles in some respects the already known Brimstone, but without cap and with red hair. What exactly he can do, we will probably soon find out.


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