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The closed beta of Rott’s new shooter VALORANT is in the starting blocks. Some streamers and esport pros have already been allowed to rock the game.

In the streamer scene there are quite different opinions despite the hype. Many of the professional gamers are looking forward to VALORANT and are curious how the scene will develop over time, including timthetatman. After the first play he is very positive about the game.

The former CS:GO professional shroud has a similar opinion. In his opinion, the hype also comes from the fact that current titles cannot motivate to play permanently. He can hardly wait for the beta and launch of Valorant.

Unfortunately, players hardly comment on the gameplay. How balanced the abilities are so far, how the weapons feel and how well the game is going, is not mentioned.

There is also criticism
In another direction xQc goes. During his stream he expresses first concerns. Many of the agent skills are said to make spot capturing incredibly difficult. Compared to Counter-Strike, retakes are hardly possible because of this.

XQc is the first to explicitly address the gameplay and explain what could cause difficulties for the game.

But it should also be noted that the game was still in alpha at that time. This means that Riot still has plenty of time for balancing and bug fixes. Even in the closed beta, small things should still be forgivable.

Template for April Fools’ Day
The upcoming beta was also taken by some as an occasion for April fooling around on April 1st. For example Dr Disrespect announces to have an own skin in the game, the subscriber of his stream will get it.

Syrinxx, a German CS-streamer, wants to drop Counter-Strike for VALORANT. At least that’s what he says on April 1st.

Apart from that, there was also a lot of fake giveaways that promise beta keys. Many of them weren’t necessarily recognizable as April Fool’s, which caused one or the other Shitstorm. Nevertheless the basic mood of VALORANT remains positive and the hype is huge.


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