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Friday, December 2, 2022

Valheim introduces the next big update and lets you play for yourselves

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From today, you can explore the next biome as a test version with the Mistlands. Here”s a summary of what you can expect there

The Viking survival game Valheim excited millions of players on Steam when it was released in 2021, but was only able to maintain the high player numbers for a short time with only slow updates. However, the developers are not discouraged by this and are working on further biomes including new enemies, resources and game mechanics.

With Mistlands, Valheim will now be expanded to include the Nebellands, all info can be found here. 

  • When will Mistlands be released?
  • How do I download the update?
  • What new content is there?
  • Full Patch Notes

When will Mistlands be released?

With the first gameplay trailer for Mistlands, the big update was also released right away, but initially only as a publicly accessible test version. You can download it now on Steam or with the Game Pass version. However, it is not yet known when the finished version will be released.

How do I download the update?

Steam: Right-click on Valheim in your library, select Settings and in the window that opens, select Betas. Enter the code yesimadebackups at the bottom and you should be able to select and download the trial version. The code reminds you to back up your worlds before doing so.

Microsoft/ PC Game Pass: Launch the Xbox Insider Hub app, navigate to Previews and look for the Valheim Public Test. Join the test and complete the registration. You will then be redirected to the Store and can install the test version there.

What new content is available?

New biome: Nebellande

(Easy to traverse, the rocky Nebellands are certainly not.)
(Easy to traverse, the rocky Nebellands are certainly not.)

You could already catch a glimpse of the new biome in the trailer above. It”s a region criss-crossed by large rock formations (and probably quite foggy), where you can meet all kinds of new creatures and mine previously unknown resources. What to expect in the Nebellands:

  • New game mechanics
  • Nine new creatures and a world boss
  • Over 20 new crafting materials
  • Two new crafting stations, 3 enhancements for them, and three more crafting constructs
  • 15 new food items
  • Three new potions
  • Over 25 new crafting items (weapons, armour and tools)
  • Over 35 new items and components for your base
  • New dungeon type
  • New Lore Stones
  • New dreams
  • New music

In fact, the biome already existed in Valheim before the update, but is now being extensively expanded and populated with new content. However, to experience the new Fog Lands, you must visit a piece of land that has not yet been revealed, otherwise the updated biome will not be generated.

Spoiler Warning: If you want to be surprised by the contents of the update, you should better not read on from here, because we now list in more detail which enemies, creatures and resources await you in the Nebellands]

New Creatures

(The hare poses no danger to you, but can be hunted for fur and meat.)
(The hare poses no danger to you, but can be hunted for fur and meat.)

There are nine new creatures in total. Some of them, such as the rabbit pictured above, have already been introduced earlier. In addition to the creatures, a new world boss awaits you:

  • Enemies: Seeker, Seeker Brood, Seeker Beast
  • Enemy: Gjall
  • opponent: Tick
  • Creature: Rabbit
  • Creature: Chicken (and Chick)
  • NPC/Anemy: Dvergr (Rogue and Mage)
  • NPC: Munin (Raven)
  • Boss: The Queen

New Resources

Naturally, you can also scour the Nebellands for numerous resources that will become useful to you. You can get hides, meat and eggs from rabbits and chickens. Other creatures can also be hunted for certain materials.

In addition, you can discover Yggdrasil wood or black marble in the update and build a new forge.

New game mechanics and more content

Fishing has been reworked for the update. For example, there are new fish, all species can be fished in different sizes, and fishing is now a skill that makes fishing easier. There are also completely new game mechanics:

  • Growing Mushrooms: Mushrooms grow in the Fog Lands and you can also grow them yourself in your house.
  • Raising Chickens: You can raise your own chickens from eggs, giving you a permanent source of eggs in your home.
  • Magic: Elemental and Blood magic are available as new skills.
  • Friendly NPCs: They are on your side as long as you don”t piss them off.
  • Wispy lights: They will help you clear the fog.


Full Patch Notes

New content

New mechanics:
* Wisplight (Move the mist out of your way using stationary wisplights or one that follows you wherever you go)
* Magic! (Eat foods with Eitr in order to use magic staves, and develop the new skills Elemental Magic and Blood Magic)
* Mushroom farming (The new Mistlands mushrooms can be grown from the comfort of your own home)
* Poultry (Get eggs, hatch and raise chickens, take care of your hens and get more eggs!)
* Friendly/unfriendly NPCs (They”re on your side as long as you don”t upset them!)

New creatures:
* Enemy: Seeker
* Enemy: Seeker Brood
* Enemy: Seeker Brute
* Enemy: Gjall
* Enemy: Tick
* Creature: Hare
* Creature: Hen (and Chick)
* NPC/Enemy: Dvergr (Rogue and Mage)
* NPC: Munin – raven of lore
* Boss: The Queen

* Material: Black marble
* Material: Yggdrasil wood
* Material: Blood clot
* Material: Soft tissue
* Material: Refined eitr
* Material: Sap
* Material: Royal jelly
* Material: Magecap
* Material: Jotun puffs
* Material: Egg (can be purchased from Haldor, or lain by hens)
* Material: Raw chicken meat
* Material: Raw seeker meat
* Material: Raw hare meat
* Material: Scale hide
* Material: Carapace
* Material: Mandible
* Material: Bilebag
* Material: Mechanical spring
* Material: Black core
* Material: Dvergr extractor
* Material: Wisp
* Material: Sealbreaker fragment
* Workstation: Black forge
* Black forge extension: Black forge cooler
* Workstation: Galdr table
* Galdr table extension: Rune table
* Cauldron extension: Mortar and pestle
* Crafting construction: Eitr refinery
* Misc: Wisp fountain
* Misc: Sap extractor
* Resource location: Giant Remains
* Resource location: Ancient roots
* Tree type: Yggdrasil shoot

New food items and potions:
* Food: Cooked egg
* Food: Cooked chicken meat
* Food: Cooked seeker meat
* Food: Cooked hare meat
* Food: Magecap
* Food: Jotun puffs
* Food: Misthare supreme
* Food: Meat platter
* Food: Mushroom omelette
* Food: Yggdrasil porridge
* Food: Seeker aspic
* Food: Salad
* Food: Fish n” bread
* Food: Honey glazed chicken
* Food: Stuffed mushroom
* Potion: Major health mead
* Potion: Lingering stamina mead
* Potion: Minor eitr mead

New craftable items:
* Tool: Wisplight
* Tool: Black metal pickaxe
* Tool: Dvergr lantern
* Key: Sealbreaker
* Weapon: Mistwalker (sword)
* Weapon: Jotun bane (axe)
* Weapon: Demolisher (sledge)
* Weapon: Carapace spear
* Weapon: Himmin afl (atgeir)
* Weapon: Spine snap (bow)
* Arrows: Carapace arrow
* Weapon: Krom (two-handed sword)
* Weapon: Skoll and Hati (dual-wielded knives)
* Weapon: Arbalest (crossbow – new skill!)
* Bolts: Iron Bolt, Bone Bolt, Black Metal Bolt, Carapace Bolt
* Weapon: Staff of frost (elemental magic – new skill!)
* Weapon: Staff of protection (blood magic – new skill!)
* Weapon: Dead raiser (blood magic – new skill!)
* Weapon: Staff of embers (elemental magic – new skill!)
* Bomb: Bile bomb
* Ballista ammunition: Black metal missile, Wooden missile
* Shield: Carapace shield
* Shield: Carapace buckler
* Armour set: Carapace breastplate, Carapace greaves, Carapace helmet
* Armour set: Eitr-weave robe, Eitr-weave trousers, Eitr-weave hood
* Cape: Feather cape (New status effect: Feather fall)

New building and furniture pieces:
* Building pieces: 14 Black marble pieces (1m square block, 2m square block, 2m rectangle, arch, plinth, plinth corner, wide column, small column, floor, triangle floor, cornice, cornice corner, stairs & quarter spire)
* Building pieces: 2 Angled Darkwood beams (26o & 45o)
* Building pieces: 2 Angled Iron beams (26o & 45o)
* Building piece: 2 Spiral stairs (left & right)
* Building piece: Dvergr metal wall
* Furniture: Hare rug
* Furniture: Black marble bench
* Furniture: Black marble throne
* Furniture: Black marble table
* Furniture: Wisp torch
* Furniture: Blue jute drapes
* Furniture: Blue jute curtain
* Furniture: Blue jute carpet
* Furniture: Dvergr wall lantern
* Furniture: Dvergr lantern pole
* Stack: Yggdrasil wood
* Stack: Black marble
* Defence: Dvergr stake wall
* Defence: Dvergr sharp stakes
* Defence: Ballista
* Defence: Trap

* New music (Mistlands, Mistlands boss, Mistlands locations, other locations & Haldor)
* New dreams
* New lore stones
* New locations (Various Dvergr outposts, Dvergr ruins and more)
* New dungeons (Infested mines)
* New hair styles (Curls 1, Curls 2, Gathered braids, Neat braids, Pulled back curls, Royal braids, Short curls, Single bun & Twin buns) and beard styles (Braided 4, Braided 5, Royal 1, Royal 2, Short 4, Stonedweller & Thick 2)
* New emotes (Blow kiss, Bow, Cower, Cry, Dance, Despair, Flex, Come here, Headbang, Kneel, Roar & Shrug)
* New events (“What”s up gjall?” & “They sought you out”)
* yagluth_thing is now Torn Spirit
* New Forsaken power
* Haldor”s stock will update depending on boss progression
* Terrain generation change, to increase the amount of Mistlands on the map

* New fish types (Trollfish, Giant herring, Tetra, Grouper, Anglerfish, Pufferfish, Magmafish, Northern salmon & Coral cod) and craftable baits for each biome (Mossy, Sticky, Cold, Stingy, Misty, Hot, Frosty & Heavy)
* Fishing is now a skill that improves stamina use and pull speed
* Fish can now be picked up and mounted on item stands, or can be made into raw fish at the cooking station instead
* Fish can now be different sizes that give more raw fish
* Fish now follow the waves” movement
* Fish can now jump over the water, and flop around on land
* Fish now appear in ice caves
* Correct key hints will be shown when fishing

Fixes & Improvements

Console command improvements:
* There will now be a proper error message if commands aren”t entered correctly
* ”nocost”, ”god” and ”ghost” can optionally be specified to on or off
* ”location” can now optionally specify ”save” to not disable world save
* ”spawn” can now specify ”i” to only spawn an object if it”s not already in your inventory
* ”recall” (makes a server wide recall of all or named players, to your position)
* ”aggravate” (aggravates all nearby neutrals)
* ”restartparty” (resets PlayFab network when on crossplay, can be used by both host and client)
* ”killall” replaced with ”killenemies” and ”killtamed”

* Multiple animations have been updated and improved
* Multiple VFX have been updated and improved
* Stamina level is now saved on logout
* Removed stamina usage multiplier when running uphill
* Reorganised building GUI
* Rugs no longer flicker when placed on top of each other
* Reworked knockback mechanics
* Map icons can no longer be deleted or crossed when hidden
* Holstering while dodging will no longer lock the weapon holstered
* The durability should now always be shown correctly
* Biome music will now be played correctly when continuous music is disabled
* Deadspeak fixed for Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth
* Disabled Jack-o-turnip seasonal item


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