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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Unreal Engine 5.1: 4K videos impressively show how realistic video game deserts could look in the future

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New tech demos for Unreal Engine 5.1 show how impressive and realistic a virtual desert can look.

Massive visual improvements for the games of the future – the Unreal Engine 5 promises no less. And the first tech demos already show how good the engine will look.

(MAWi United), a German developer team from Wuppertal, have already worked with big names like Remedy and Lucasfilm Ltd. Now the team has released some videos that present the new version 5.1 of the Unreal Engine in full graphic glory. 

The videos show a desert landscape at different times of the day. The results are extremely impressive.

Unreal Engine 5.1 is the first major update

Epic”s update 5.1 for the Unreal Engine mainly includes improvements for Lumen, Nanite and Virtual Shadow Maps. All in all, this allows for more realism in lighting, shadows and 3D modelling.

  • With Lumen among other things, every scene is illuminated dynamically. This means that light beams react to changes in the environment such as the position of the sun.
  • Nanite on the other hand, massively increases the level of detail of the geometry through the use of virtualised micro-polygons.
  • Thanks to Virtual Shadow Maps the complex geometry is supplemented with high-resolution shadows.

    All these improvements are primarily intended to make the work of developers easier, in that most of it is done by the engine itself. As a developer, you should only have to intervene as little as possible. You can learn more about the Unreal Engine 5.1 on the (official website

    MAWi United recently made waves in the gaming community with another tech demo. Their Redwood Forest demo not only looked extremely good, but brought even powerful gaming PCs to their knees.

    Are you looking forward to Unreal Engine 5 or do you wish there was a specific game or series that should use it? How do you like the demos of MAWi United? Let us know in the comments!


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