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Those who were disappointed by Payday 3 can now have new shooter hope

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The GTFO developers have announced the co-op shooter Den of Wolves. We”ve already had a closer look at the game and can tell you what you can expect

Payday 3 was the most anticipated co-op shooter on Steam. But at launch, the heists, which were actually not bad in terms of gameplay, disappointed with a technically catastrophic state that caused many players to drop out, as a look at (SteamDB) shows.

However, for fans of cooperative shootouts that rely on teamwork and good planning, there may now be new hope: 10 Chambers, the development studio behind GTFO, announced a new heist shooter at the Game Awards. We”ve already had a look at the game and can tell you what you can expect.

Soldiers in a lawless city

(Den of Wolves) is set in a bleak future. After advanced artificial intelligence has become a dangerous hacking tool and brought the global economy to the brink of ruin, an innovation metropolis is founded on the US Midway Islands.

In this remote city, large corporations can operate without regulation or laws, and invent a new way of transmitting data that is safe from the AIs: biological systems based on the human brain. You come to this dangerous city as mercenaries, and are hired by corporations for industrial espionage, sabotage or assassination.

In the trailer you can already see how a team of mercenaries interrogates a hostage by pretending to conduct the interrogation themselves. If this reminds you a little of Inception, it”s no coincidence: the developers actually cite the movie as their thematic inspiration. However, we have not yet been told whether you are really entering the dreams of others

But it seems that the developers already have very precise ideas about their world No wonder, as Den of Wolves has already been in pre-production for two years, much of which has been spent on worldbuilding. For example, over 400 different companies have already been designed, which are to be located in Midway

release date is not yet available at this time, however, as 10 Chambers was still busy developing new content for GTFO at the same time. Den of Wolves will then be released in Early Access on Steam in due course. The shooter will be released for consoles at a later date

Something other than robbing banks

In a fancy lobby of a large building, we engage in a gunfight with guards.

But how will the co-op shooter play?  Although there are only two tiny snippets of gameplay to be seen in the announcement trailer, we already know a lot about how Den of Wolves will work. We summarize the most important things for you:

  • World: Midway is not a freely explorable world, instead you play missions in various smaller areas. Nevertheless, it should feel as if you are traveling in one and the same city. For example, you can look through a window to spot a particular landmark, which you can see from another location from a different perspective.
  • Missions: There will be big missions where you have to steal a secret document, sabotage a competitor or carry out an assassination. However, you will often have to meet certain requirements or obtain an item, which you can do in smaller preparatory missions.
  • Coop: Den of Wolves is being developed as a co-op shooter, so you always go out as a group. To prevent things from getting too chaotic during the mission, the host will decide before the game starts how you will proceed during the mission. This should also make it easier to play with strangers, as it is clear from the start how you want to achieve your goal.
  • Story: The missions belong to different story chapters, but they do not tell a purely linear story. Instead, you should be able to decide for yourself where you want to continue. The story should also not be so much in the foreground and not interrupt the flow of the game, as not everyone in a group is necessarily interested in the story.
  • Weapons & Gadgets: As the shooter is set in the year 2097, you can expect some futuristic weapons and gadgets. However, the developers only want to incorporate believable technologies that could exist in the near future.
  • DLC & Microtransactions: Den of Wolves is expected to be provided with additional content such as new missions after the release. The developers therefore want to communicate from the outset that there will also be purely cosmetic microtransactions in the game in order to finance further development.

What do you think of Den of Wolves? Do you like the idea of a heist shooter in a dark future setting? Or would you have preferred a more classic scenario like in Payday? What do you hope to gain from being a mercenary in Midway and what do you think the game definitely needs to achieve? Let us know in the comments!

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