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The Witcher: There’s a lot of excitement about a new Geralt photo, but it doesn’t even show Liam Hemsworth

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No, that’s not Liam Hemsworth. On social media, a leaked photo of the filming of The Witcher: Season 3 is nonetheless attracting a lot of malice and criticism

When you order Geralt from Wish – a new photo from the set of The Witcher: Season 4 is currently attracting a lot of ridicule and malice. For some fans, the pain of Henry Cavill’s exit from the Netflix series is apparently still deep. And of course Liam Hemsworth is getting a lot of criticism, even though the new Geralt isn’t even in the picture.

No, that’s not Liam Hemsworth

What happened? A leaked photo from the filming of the fourth Witcher season has been making the rounds on social media (especially X, formerly Twitter) in the past few hours. However, it does not show Liam Hemsworth in the role of Geralt, but stuntman Joel Adrian – as RedanianIntelligence confirmed.

However, this essential information did not reach every user, instead a lot of criticism and malice bubbled up. Even those who aren’t complaining about the supposed Hemsworth character are still having a go at the costume and wig. You can find a few specific examples under this post at X

However: The picture is (obviously) not a photo taken under optimal conditions. In fact, the glimpse behind the scenes of The Witcher was never intended for the public. It is therefore not possible to draw any concrete conclusions about Liam Hemsworth’s final Geralt look or even his performance

The end of The Witcher on Netflix is already set

Whether and how many viewers will give seasons 4 and 5 of The Witcher without Henry Cavill and with Liam Hemsworth a chance at all remains to be seen. But it seems that Netflix has definitely lost faith in the fantasy franchise.

After ever-decreasing ratings for new seasons and episodes, the devastating response to the spin-off Blood Origin and the Cavill/Hemsworth debacle, the end for The Witcher is already certain: Season 5 is the end and even a planned spin-off about Ciri’s rats has apparently been pulled.

The Witcher: Season 4 is expected to start on Netflix sometime in 2025 The new animated film Sirens of the Deep, in which the voice actor of the video games, Doug Cockle, lends his voice to Geralt, will be released at the end of this year.

You can read more about what’s happening with The Witcher on Netflix and Henry Cavill at the links above.

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