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Monday, October 2, 2023

The Valiant: Knight strategy still to be released in 2022, shows battlefields across Europe

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With a new trailer, the real-time strategy game announces its release date. The trailer and the most important information about the game can be found here.

The medieval strategy game The Valiant now has a fixed release date. On 19 October 2022, the time has come and you can begin your campaign across Europe. This is also revealed in a new trailer, which shows you the diverse battlefields on which you can fight.

You can find the video below. If you haven’t heard of the strategy game yet, we’ll briefly explain the most important points to you.

What is The Valiant?

In the Valiant you fight tactical real-time battles with a few specialised units and heroes. You can teach the latter new and more powerful skills during the course of the game to make them stronger and stronger. Before each battle, you can decide which heroes and accompanying troops you want to send into battle.

The Valiant features a large single-player campaign with 16 missions in which you experience the story of Theoderic, a former crusader in the 13th century. His former brother in arms Ulrich wants to get hold of a powerful artefact, so you hunt through half of Europe to find its parts before he does. The gameplay of the story campaign is shown in a separate trailer.

Valiant’s multiplayer includes a cooperative mode in which you have to kill increasingly strong waves of attackers. In PvP, on the other hand, you fight for territories, tactical positions and conquest points.

What does the trailer show?

In the new trailer you can see which parts of Europe you can discover in the course of the campaign. You start in modern-day Germany, move to Italy and from there via Constantinople to the Holy Land. From icy mountain regions to Central European and Mediterranean landscapes to desert regions, everything is there.

Are you looking forward to the Valiant? Do you like the smaller, tactical battles? Or do you prefer huge battles like in Total War? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments!


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