The ultimate guide to the Esports World Cup




How does the gigantic Esports World Cup (EWC) actually work? Find out in our guide


The Esports World Cup, which takes place this summer from July 3 to August 25 in Riyadh, is the biggest event of its kind to date. This year’s tournament schedule is packed with a variety of games. Each week will offer something exciting for every type of esports enthusiast



This takes place every week


Week 1: The action kicks off with a strategic showdown in “League ofLegends”, setting a high standard for the following weeks. In addition, “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” takes to the stage, offering its distinctive brand of mobile MOBA gameplay.

Week 2: “DOTA 2” dominates this week, offering intense competition and strategic depth that will challenge even the most experienced players.




“Free Fire” also highlights its fast-paced battle royale gameplay and offers a contrasting but equally exciting experience. The combination of these games promises a week full of tactical maneuvers and adrenaline-pumping action.


Week 3:“Counter-Strike 2” takes the spotlight this week. It brings tactical gameplay and cutting-edge graphics that enhance the FPS experience. In parallel, “PUBG Mobile” provides an adrenaline rush with its addictive battle royale format that demands smart positioning and teamwork.



Both games offer a week of intense competition and strategic depth that will appeal to a wide audience.


Week 4:This week, “Overwatch 2” takes the spotlight, showcasing its mix of fast-paced combat and ingenious team strategies. As teams battle through different maps and modes, the importance of synergy and quick decision-making comes to the fore.

The colorful graphics and diverse hero selection add depth to the game and promise a week of action and strategic finesse.


Week 5:This week is dominated by “Rainbow Six Siege”, with its high-quality, tactical gameplay that relies on precision and team coordination.




In addition, “Apex Legends” rounds off the week with its fast-paced battle royale gameplay, in which quick thinking and team synergy play a crucial role.


Week 6:This week begins with the fast-paced battles of “Street Fighter 6”, where players put both their strategic thinking and quick reflexes to the test in intense 1vs1 duels.


There’s also “Fortnite” this week with its exciting new UEFN game mode, which adds a new twist to the already dynamic gameplay.



“Teamfight Tactics” is also included this week, offering a set, strategic experience where players must skillfully assemble their teams to outwit their rivals.


The variety of play styles this week – from direct combat to strategic team building – makes for an exciting experience for all types of players.


Week 7:The tournament draws to a close and “EAFC 24” enters the field. The game brings with it the intense and strategic gameplay of virtual soccer.




In addition to soccer, this week brings “Starcraft 2”, which offers an intense real-time strategy experience where precision and quick decisions can turn the tide of battle.


This week promises not only epic matches in the soccer simulation, but also strategic warfare on interstellar battlefields that make the tournament even more complex and intense.


Week 8:The final week of the Esports World Cup promises an unforgettable conclusion to the tournament. “Rocket League” entertains you with its innovative mix of fast cars and soccer mechanics, turning every match into a high-speed spectacle.


We continue with the fighting game “Tekken 8”. This focuses on action with detailed and strategic fight sequences in which the fighters battle for supremacy in the ring.



Then there is also “PUBG Battleground”. It tests survival skills and tactical planning in its huge open-world arenas.


The “Racing” game rounds off the range and offers a precise racing experience that appeals to fans of immersive driving simulations.


Together, all of these games offer a captivating mix of skill, strategy and excitement that enriches the tournament in every case and makes it a special experience.


Every week, players from all over the world compete not only for glory and prizes, but also for the chance to become world champion in their respective game. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, the Esports World Cup offers a spectacle of high skill, strategic depth and pure entertainment.


Don’t miss any of the action this summer – mark your calendars for the EWC and join the excitement of the Esports World Cup!