New on Steam: The graphics highlight of the year is imminent


Another exciting week of releases is coming to Steam – we show you what highlights await you

Even though it’s a public holiday today, we’re once again presenting the most important Steam releases of the week! This time you can expect a highlight that is right up there in terms of both graphics and storytelling

Highlight of the week: Hellblade 2

(Genre: Action-Adventure – Developer: Ninja Theory – Release: May 21 (Steam& Game Pass))

The action adventure game developed by Ninja TheorySenua’s Saga: Hellblade 2takes you back to the dark world of Celtic mythology this week. The protagonist Senua returns and embarks on a new, even darker journey that will once again put her psyche to the test

The developers have once again done everything they can to raise the graphics to a new level: The game relies on Unreal Engine 5 and motion capturing ensures lifelike animations. The binaural audio design is also intended to create an immersive soundscape that makes the psychological horror and emotional intensity of the game even more tangible.

More Steam releases of the week

Monday, May 20

  • Coffee Caravan: In this mixture of roguelite and management, you become the boss of a mobile coffee truck with which you travel through a procedurally generated world and supply people with coffee.

Tuesday, May 21

  • Synergy (Early Access): In this 2D, hand-drawn, world-building game, you must survive in an alien world by sending out expeditions, researching new technologies and keeping your citizens happy.

  • Rooftops & Alleys (Early Access): This sports game is all about parkour. You have to run, climb and jump over roofs, scaffolding and the like as nimbly and stylishly as possible.
  • The Witcher 3: REDkit: The powerful modding tool provides you with the same tools that CD Projekt used to develop The Witcher 3. So you can almost certainly look forward to some huge mods and total conversions in the future.

Wednesday, May 22nd

  • Lost in Tropics: If you haven’t felled enough trees and built enough wooden huts yet, you can get back to action on a tropical island in this survival game.

Thursday, May 23

  • Serum (Early Access): In the next survival game on this list, you have to survive in a destroyed world by repeatedly producing and injecting the eponymous serum, and you also have to fight against mutated creatures.

    • Star Trek: Resurgence: An adventure game in the Star Trek universe of the TNG era, developed by former Telltale developers. You have to make many important decisions that influence the course of the story. The game was released in 2023, but was previously exclusive to the Epic Store.

    Friday, May 24

    • Esports Godfather: At the end of the week, you’ll form your own esports team playing a fictional version of League of Legends. You not only have to train your players, but also intervene in the games, using cards and skills à la Slay the Spire to start team fights and ganks, for example, or to farm your carry better. You can already try out the first five hours for free on Steam.