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All games are played through and you don’t know what to do with your time? Then we send you back in time with these retro hits.
With the term Retro-Games it is not always clear whether really old games or new games in retro-look are meant. That’s why we have selected titles from both categories in which you can lose yourself.

Current Retro-Games


DUSK is a horror first-person shooter in the style of the first 3D shooters of the nineties. Developed as a solo project by David Szymanski, the game is surprisingly detailed. With the large weapon selection and ingenious movement, DUSK is perfect for all those who can’t get enough of Doom and his friends.

Who are Chuck Norris and Rambo? Nothing against the steroid-sweating heroes from Broforce. The 2D Run-and-Gun was published by Devolver Digital, who are known for strong indie titles. If you’re in the mood for pixel-blasting and a decent pack of “‘MURICA”, you should take a look at Broforce.

Same genre, completely different game: Cuphead brings the look of movies like Betty Boop to your computer. In the tough shoot ’em-up, you play the role of Cuphead, who must save his soul from the devil. It’s the first game from the development studio StudioMDHR Entertainment, but there’s no need to hide.

Old retro games

The Secret of Monkey Island

Hachjaaa, LucasArts. If you don’t know the legendary Monkey Island series yet, you are either young or have lived behind the moon. Either way, the point-and-click adventures around the incredibly handsome pirate Guybrush Threepwood are worth a visit. And who else can hold their breath for 10 minutes?

The forefather of all multiplayer first person shooters. Everyone knows Counter-Strike. With the mod of Half-Life Gooseman and cliffe started something big in 1999. The final version CS 1.6 is available on Steam and still has an active community. Here you can explore the roots of the current Esport giant CS:GO.

Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow
If you call yourself a gamer, you must have played the first generation of the Pokemon saga at some point. Even if you only get the console and game today at reasonable prices, it is definitely worth the effort. Meanwhile the games are even available for download in the Nintendo eShop.

Crash Bandicoot
And while we’re going through all the genres, we can’t miss Jump ‘n’ Runs. Besides Mario there is another famous character from the old days: Crash Bandicoot. Chaotic levels, crazy characters and lots of fun are behind the face of the “antromorphic pouch roof”, as Google describes the main character.

You guys like retro games? Who are your heroes from the past? Why don’t you tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


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