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Stardew Valley surprises with $40,000 tournament

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E-Sport in Farming Sims sounds strange, but is now becoming a reality even in the cute Stardew Valley. A hefty prize money from the developer beckons.

The Farming Simulator is leading the way, Stardew Valley is following suit: E-sports in farming games seem to be creating their own little niche. In the popular pixel game, too, a tournament will soon take place in which teams of influencers compete to farm.

Solo developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone himself is the organiser, who is offering a whopping 40,000 US dollars as a prize pool. For this, he is working together with the YouTuber “Unsurpassable Z”.

The participants are made up of four teams, each with four of “the most dedicated players”. They are mainly streamers and YouTubers who are enthusiastic about Stardew Valley.

Among them are also accomplished speedrunners and min-maxers who presumably master the game mechanics in their sleep. So the aim of the tournament seems to be to provide an entertaining show with top-class gameplay.

How to watch

Those who want to watch can watch the livestream of the final round with commentary by Barone and Unsurpassable Z on 4 September 2021 at 18:00 on Twitch .

Although it’s hard to imagine at first, there are also real e-sports in Farming Simulator. The video shows you what that looks like:


How to farm for the race?

In a video, the YouTuber explains what the Stardew Valley Cup is all about. Well, for a lot of money, of course! How the participants can bag all the money reads quite challenging.

There are simple tasks, such as giving your horse a certain name. But it gets harder when the players have to complete the entire Community Centre, a demanding midgame task in Stardew Valley. Or have to advance to the hundredth level of a monster-infested cave.

In addition to game knowledge, planning and efficiency, team play also plays a decisive role in deciding which of the four groups can take home the victory in the Stardew Valley Cup.


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