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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened presents new trailer

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Frogwares shows that detective games can also be scary in a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened. This trailer provides information about the gameplay mechanics and presents a rough release date for the adventure game. Frogwares also provides insights into the current work situation of the Ukrainian studio.

Nocturnal rituals held in shrouds of mist and eerie symbols on ancient walls – this is how Sherlock Holmes The Awakened presents itself in its new trailer. As the new video explains, detective mechanics meet Lovecraft horror to create an uneasy mystery atmosphere that invites you to creep and investigate. Sherlock’s skills of deduction and reconstruction also come into play again here.

However, Sherlock’s brilliance is his undoing in this case. The further he delves into the mystery, the further his mind slips into madness. It is already clear: he will not be the same after the adventure is over.

Frogwares: Development work despite war

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is said to be in the final months of development. The horror detective game offers around 15 hours of gameplay and is scheduled for release in February or March 2023. However, according to Sergiy Oganesyan, Head of Publishing at Frogwares, this only applies if the current state of affairs in Ukraine does not deteriorate.

Most of the 90-member developer studio is currently in Ukraine. While some have joined the military, others are doing voluntary service. Still other employees have left their homeland and fled to Western Europe. Despite this distribution of labour and the current situation on the ground, the studio is still able to do its work. Hopefully, the results will soon be visible.

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened presents new trailer

Frogwares shows that detective games can also be scary in a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened....

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