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Release postponement for Little Nightmares III

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Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have postponed the release of Little Nightmares III to 2025. The announcement, which made big waves at Gamescom 2023, had many fans in a tizzy. However, the developers have decided that the game needs more time

As Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco explain in astatementthey are working flat out on Little Nightmares III. The decision to postpone the release to2025was not taken lightly by either developer or publisher. After all, they could hardly wait to return to Nowhere themselves.
Accordingly, they want to develop a game that meets expectations and use the time to offer a polished, flawless gaming experience.

Little Nightmares III: Gameplay trailer has already wowed

In October 2023, an18-minute gameplay trailerfor Little Nightmares III was released. The protagonists Low and Alone traverse a crumbling building in a bleak desert landscape. They must use their tools skillfully to solve puzzles and make progress. Alone uses her wrench to clear passages, while Low uses her bow and arrow.

While the side perspective from the previous parts is retained, Bandai Namco also wants to try something new with Little Nightmares III. The title can therefore be played either alone with the AI or in co-op mode.

As the title is still in the middle of production, the development team is keen to respond to feedback from the community in order to further improve the game.

Little Nightmares III is due to be released for PC and consoles next year. It is uncertain whether Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games plan to show new material for the adventure game at the Summer Game Fest or Gamescom. In the statement, further information was at least promised in the course of this summer.

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