PlayStation Showcase: Is something smaller coming?


Insiders have been speculating about the PlayStation Showcase for some time, but Sony has maintained an ironclad silence. Now a well-known leaker suspects that Sony will hold a smaller event.

For some time now, insiders have been speculating about the holding of a PlayStation Showcase. Well-known names such as Jeff Grubb and Nick Baker were more than certain that a big event would follow in May.

However, May is gradually drawing to a close and Sony still hasn’t said a single word about a showcase. According to initial speculation, this is not due to possible titles. After all, a newAstro Bot gameand aLEGO spin-off of the Horizon seriesare said to be in the works. Bloober Team and Konami have also announced atransmission for Silent Hill 2which could of course also be shown as part of a showcase. But this would require an announcement

As recently as last week, another insider spoke out In his opinion, Sony will not be holding a major PlayStation showcase. Instead, a new State of Play will be used. The format is known to be smaller than the big showcases

This assumption also coincides with Jeff Grubb’s view that PlayStation will not be announcing any AAA titles of its own in the near future and will instead support third-party concepts

As the whole topic is highly speculative, unfortunately nothing concrete can be said until an official announcement is made by Sony. But whether a PlayStation Showcase or State of Play is announced, we will let you know