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Palworld: Bug or feature? Pal just keeps getting bigger and it’s already absurd

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A Vixy is normally one of the smaller Pals that populate your base. However, this specimen is growing into a giant

You can discover and capture over 100 different creatures in Palworld and bring them into your base. From the smallest creatures to giant monsters, the Pals have it all. On Reddit, however, someone has now presented a very unusual specimen: An actually very small Pal has become bigger and bigger and now barely finds room in the base.

Soon it will eclipse the sun

The Pal Vixy is a fox-like creature that actually has nothing to do with the large dragon- or dino-like creatures that you can also catch in Palworld. While it is normally just as big as our character, the Vixy of kaityl3 takes on completely different dimensions:

Every time I return to my base, my lucky Vixy gets bigger
byu/kaityl3 inPalworld

As you can see in the picture he posted, the Pal is already towering over the trees next to the base The actually quite petite creature probably grows a little further every time kaityl3 returns to the shelter. It is not known whether the growth of the giant fox has slowed down in the meantime

It also remains unclear what is causing the growth of the Pal. Most likely, however, a bug is responsible. It is true that this Vixy is a Lucky variant, which is somewhat larger by nature. Nevertheless, the Pal should not always get bigger

In any case, the absurd picture is causing amusement on Reddit, as can be seen from the comments under the post:

Keep us posted, soon it will eclipse the sun.


What kind of food do you give him?


My hands tremble as I take off my glasses. The Jurassic Park soundtrack plays


The last comment is of course a reference to this famous movie scene

While absurd bugs like this provide amusement, there are also more annoying errors that cause problems for players in Early Access. With a newly released update, however, some problems have now been fixed and initial anti-cheat measures have been taken. You can find out what else is in the patch in our news linked above.


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