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One of the coolest single-player shooters on Steam is currently on sale for just 6 euros

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Max Payne 3 earned a really strong GlobalESportNews rating back in the day, now you can pick up the single-player gem super cheap on Steam

There are games that promise maximum gaming fun right from the title. Well, this bad pun isn’t even true, because today’s Steam tip would actually promise maximum pain, and nobody wants that.

Of course it’s about Max Payne 3. The game earned a dream score of 89 points from us at the time and is still considered a real gem among shooter fans today, which has aged like a fine wine.

  • Deal: Max Payne 3 in the Complete Edition, including all published download content
  • Price: 6 Euro
  • Offer valid until: February 22, 2024

(Here’s the link to Max Payne 3 in the Steam shop )

An ex-cop seeks revenge

With the subheading, we have actually already summarized the story premise of the entire Max Payne trilogy. In part 3, the run-down ex-cop is sent to São Paulo, where he wants to leave his dark past behind him as a security consultant for a rich family

If he succeeded, there would be no Max Payne 3, so it comes as it must: Max, struggling with his addiction to alcohol and pills, must fight for his life and for the truth on the streets of the Brazilian metropolis 

We’ve even dug out our test video from 2012 for this Steam tip if you want to listen to the voice of our former editor Fabian Siegismund again:

The gameplay is already a big hit: The gunfights are so stylishly staged that shooter fans will still be raving about them in 2024. What’s more, São Paulo entices with some very cool levels.

But the story tops it all: The plot of Max Payne 3 is initially reminiscent of cliché-laden action films from the late 80s/early 90s, but quickly picks up speed and is particularly exciting with the character study of this visibly drawn, broken man.

If you now feel like experiencing Max Payne 3 again or even for the first time, you have a good opportunity to do so thanks to the current sale.

We at GlobalESportNews  can also look back on an eventful past with Max Payne 3. To prove it, we’ve opened the steel doors to our archive, fought our way through inches of dust and picked out some old but still worthwhile content on the shooter for you. Let us know what you think of Max Payne 3 in the comments!


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