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New on Steam: Two great strategy hopes await you this week

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Strategy fans take note: This week on Steam, you can look forward to a thrilling building game and real-time strategy set in the First World War

It’s Monday again and a new working week needs to be survived somehow – but luckily there are new games on Steam this week to sweeten our hard-earned evening off.

In our big overview we show you again the most important Steam releases And this time there are two really exciting strategy hopefuls for you!

Last Train Home

(Genre: Real-time strategy – Developer: Ashborne Games – Release: November 28 (Steam)

In Last Train Home you take control of an armored train full of Czechoslovakian soldiers desperately trying to return home after the end of the First World War.

You are responsible for managing the train, including the route through Russia. You have to manage resources such as food, wood and coal, can upgrade your train and decide which soldier takes on which role in the train – FTL sends its regards!

However, there are always battles that take place in pausable real time. Of course, you must try to ensure that all your characters survive, otherwise they will be lost forever thanks to permadeath.

SteamWorld Build

(Genre: Building Strategy – Developer: The Station – Release: December 1 (Steam)

After Cities Skylines 2 has actually become a good game, but continues to struggle with technical flaws, another city-building simulation now wants to take the building crown with Steamworld Build 

Here you build a western town in a steampunk world, populated by steam-powered robots. Resource management and the welfare of the steambots are paramount as you dig for valuable resources in your mine, expand your settlement and research new technologies

More releases of the week

Monday, November 27

  • (Suika Shapes): Did you catch the buzz about the Suika Game on the Nintendo Switch? Here you throw fruit into a bucket to combine them. A simple but extremely fun puzzle game. If you don’t have a Switch, you can check out this clone on Steam – or simply play the free web (version)

Tuesday, November 28

  • (Noctuary): In this action RPG from China, you play two young Illuminators who want to become trustworthy Arborangers in the world Inlixaland Sounds confusing, but looks pretty.

Wednesday, November 29

  • (Cross Blitz (Early Access): A roguelike journey in the style of Slay the Spire, but with Hearthstone-like card battles. There are also four different story campaigns with several acts that will keep you hooked for 30 hours.
  • (Wizordum (Early Access): A fantasy retro shooter that wants to remind you of Heretic and witches. And of course you all remember Hexen – after all, you all bought the first GlobalESportNews issue because of the beautiful Hexen 2 cover, and not because of the full Theme Park version, right?

Thursday, November 30th

  • (TEVI): An indie Metroidvania with pixel visuals and anime characters.
  • (Hawked): The Free2Play title offers a mixture of battle royale and extraction shooter à la Escape from Tarkov. The beta on Steam attracted thousands of players in September.
  • (The Exit 8): In this horror game, you are trapped in an endless subway station
  • (Gangs of Sherwood): An action game in the style of Left 4 Dead and Vermintide, which you can play in co-op or solo. However, here you take on the characters from Robin Hood, who have to free a dystopian steampunk world from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Friday, December 1

  • (Apocalypse Party): In this action roguelike, you and your friends are transported to a medieval world.
  • (The Walking Dead: Destinies): Replay the story of the popular zombie series and take on the role of main character Rick Grimes. But if you want, you can also change the plot and make familiar decisions in a completely different way to the original.

  • (Race the Gods): A futuristic racing game somewhat reminiscent of the best Star Wars game of all time – Star Wars Pod Racer!

So, that’s it for this week’s releases. How are things looking for you this week? Are there any games this time that you find particularly exciting and want to keep an eye on? Scroll down, hit the keys and let us know in the comments section!


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