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Final spurt in the Steam Fall Sale: All our 29 recommendations at a quick glance

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It’s that time again: Two big promotions are starting at the same time on Steam. Hundreds of good games are reduced in the Steam Fall Sale – and you can vote for the Steam Awards at the same time

Update from November 27, 2023: Slowly but surely, the big Steam Fall Sale is coming to an end. Have you already eagerly added new games to your library? Or are you so overwhelmed by the amount of reduced titles that you don’t have an overview and therefore don’t feel like browsing?

One way or another: Our recommendations will help you!  Perhaps you will discover your new favorite game through our tips or a former favorite will return to your memory.

Original message from November 21, 2023: It’s barely been three weeks since Halloween and the next big sale has already started: In the Steam Fall Sale 2023, hundreds of games are once again drastically reduced in some cases.

And like every year, Valve is once again using the discount campaign to motivate people to vote: The Steam Awards will be presented. We’ve got all the information you need on the start time, duration and scope of the event, so that’s enough preamble. Let’s get started

All info about the Steam Fall Sale

When does the Steam Fall Sale 2023 start?

Unlike many other Steam sales, the Fall Sale does not start on Thursdays, but on Tuesday, November 21, 2023  punctually at 7 p.m. German time.

When does the Steam Fall Sale 2023 end?

Luckily, you don’t have to pull out your wallet right at the start of the sale if you want to take your time with your decisions: The Fall Sale lasts a whole week and closes on November 28, 2023, which is also a Tuesday, at around 7 p.m.

I want to see a trailer now!

Here you go:

Which games are on offer?

You want deals? You get deals! We think you shouldn’t miss out on these reduced games – and of course thousands more:

  • (Hunt: Showdown): Multiplayer endurance game in which you fight your way across the map with friends and try to survive. (14 Euro, reduced by 65 percent)
  • (Terraria): An indie hit that is somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft in 2D. Dig your way into the depths, collect resources and build! (5 Euro, reduced by 50 percent)
  • (Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord): Medieval role-playing game in which you create your own character, build your own army and achieve fame and glory. (35 Euro, reduced by 30 percent)
  • (Hitman 3): The latest installment about the popular hitman. When you see his bald head, you should put your feet up! (28 Euro, reduced by 60 percent)
  • (The Elder Scrolls Online): The MMORPG has enjoyed unbroken popularity for years. Perhaps now is a good time to take a look for yourself? (6 Euro, reduced by 70 percent)

  • (American Truck Simulator): You drive a truck across the USA. If you’re not hooked yet, keep scrolling. (5 Euro, reduced by 75 percent)
  • (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales): The standalone appendix to Insomniac’s fantastic action-adventure revolves around Peter Parker’s budding protégé (30 Euro, reduced by 40 percent)
  • (Deep Rock Galactic): A cooperative shooter in which you explore the destructible environment with up to three other players and shoot endless hordes of aliens. (10 Euro, reduced by 67 percent)
  • (Sons of the Forest): The survival hit takes you to a remote island full of dangers. You have to gather resources, craft and ultimately fight back in order to survive. (23 Euro, reduced by 20 percent)
  • (Subnautica): The still extremely pretty underwater adventure still has countless fans. Is this due to the breathtaking atmosphere? (10 Euro, reduced by 67 percent)
  • (F1 23): Can you drive better than reigning Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen? Then prove it in this year’s installment of the Codemasters racing game series. (28 Euro, reduced by 60 percent)
  • (Starfield): The Bethesda role-playing game has not been on the market for long and is already reduced. If you’ve been hesitating because of the mixed reviews, you might be tempted to buy it now. (56 Euro, reduced by 20 percent)


  • (Valheim): The indie survival hit is being continuously developed. Explore Nordic lands, mine resources, build your own home and much more. (12 Euro, reduced by 40 percent)
  • (The Last of Us: Part 1): The cult action game about young Ellie and grumpy Joel should not be missed by anyone who likes unforgettable stories in video games. (40 euros, reduced by 33 percent)
  • (Rimworld): A simulation in which you build a colony on an alien planet and have to consider all sorts of aspects such as climate, diplomacy, medicine and more. (26 Euro, reduced by 20 percent)
  • (Persona 5 Royal): A role-playing game set in the Japanese metropolis, packed with unique characters and so much content that you’ll end up with well over 100 hours. And, oh, that soundtrack… (36 Euro, reduced by 40 percent)
  • (Hogwarts Legacy): You’ve never received a letter from Hogwarts? Neither have we. No matter, because thanks to this role-playing game we can finally go to magical school. (36 Euro, reduced by 40 percent)
  • (Forza Horizon 5): The racing game from Microsoft is guaranteed to conjure up a sunny disposition even in the cold season. The atmospheric Mexico setting alone ensures this. (30 Euro, reduced by 50 percent)
  • (Anno 1800): If you haven’t yet spent a minute in this epic building game, you should do so as soon as possible. But please: cancel all appointments for the next few weeks in advance! (15 Euro, reduced by 75 percent)
  • (Remnant 2): The co-op surprise of 2023. The procedurally generated levels are a real challenge, so be sure to take a friend with you! (35 Euro, reduced by 30 percent)
  • (Stellaris): We have to list the game here because otherwise Micha will haunt us in our sleep. But the sci-fi global strategy game is great in other ways too, really! (12 Euro, reduced by 70 percent)

  • (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice): Are you totally into biting the virtual dust over and over again? This sword-fighting simulator from From Software will fulfill your wish. (30 Euro, reduced by 50 percent)
  • (Battlefield 2042): Are you dissatisfied with the recently released CoD Modern Warfare 3? Maybe it’s worth taking a cheap look at the big competitor? (10 Euro, reduced by 84 percent)
  • (Diablo 4): Blizzard’s monster hunt is only a few months old, so Steam players should take note if it’s already on sale. (40 Euro, reduced by 42 percent)
  • (Resident Evil 4 Remake): By now it’s already getting dark at 5 pm anyway, so you might as well wet your pants with this eerily beautiful horror masterpiece. (40 Euro, reduced by 34 percent)
  • (Total War: Warhammer 3): Strategy game XXL – everything here is simply one size bigger than elsewhere in the genre. If you like the Warhammer universe, it’s a must-buy anyway. (30 Euro, reduced by 50 percent)

  • (Metro Exodus): An extremely atmospheric journey through post-apocalyptic Russia. Join Artyom as he makes his way through anomalies and mutants to experience a better future. (6 Euro, reduced by 80 percent)
  • (Days Gone): The action adventure was once a PlayStation exclusive, but now anyone who likes open worlds and zombies can find almost anything here. (16 Euro, reduced by 67 percent)
  • (Kingdom Come: Deliverance): If you want to experience a fantastic role-playing game outside of fantasy or sci-fi universes, you should take a closer look here! (7 Euro, reduced by 75 percent)
  • (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot): Want to sit in front of the TV again as a child and switch on RTL2? If you want to relive that feeling, this action role-playing game will help you. (15 Euro, reduced by 75 percent)

    What’s up at the Steam Awards?

    As every year, you can take part in the 2023 Steam Awards and earn badges by nominating games, playing nominated games or writing reviews for nominated games. You can vote for your favorites in the following categories:

    • Lean back and relax
    • Best soundtrack
    • Outstanding visual style
    • Best game you suck at (not meant personally)
    • Excellent game with a deep story
    • Most innovative gameplay
    • Better with friends
    • New: Best game on the Steam Deck
    • Work of Love
    • VR Game of the Year
    • Game of the Year

    The winners of the vote will be decided in a few weeks

    I don’t like Steam, are there any other sales?

    Currently there is also a big sale on (Battle.net) where you can get Call of Duty at a much lower price. In addition, major discount campaigns are also running again on (GOG) and in the (Epic Store), which we will of course inform you about as soon as possible.

    Have you bought one or more discounted games directly? If so, which ones exactly and why? Are you not afraid that your pile of shame will tip over at some point and bury you under it? No? You daredevils! Anyway, let us know in the comments what you think of this year’s Steam Fall Sale, we’re excited!


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