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New on Steam & Co.: A candidate for Game of the Year will be released this week

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Possibly the best role-playing game of the year is being released this week. But PC gamers can look forward to other exciting Steam releases

The last few weeks have been a real feast for us PC gamers: We had the pleasure of fighting our way through the chaotic battlefields of Helldivers 2 were drawn into the brilliant story of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and discovered indie treasures such as News Tower.

However, the joy could be cut short. A role-playing game that is already being hailed as a masterpiece and has the potential to be the game of the year is celebrating its highly anticipated release.

But with a catch: it will initially be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5, while Steam seems to be taking a little breather.

Highlight of the week: Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is the sequel to the FF7 remake and once again offers a mix of action and turn-based RPG combat with new mechanics and characters.

The well thought-out battle system requires a strategic approach, especially thanks to the Materia system and the new synergy abilities. In addition to the main story, there are numerous side quests and mini-games to explore. The game world has been expanded to include several open-world regions with optional activities that give familiar locations and stories a new lease of life.

The reviews for the second part of the remake trilogy are already full of praise: On Opencritic, the game achieved an average rating of 93 percentage points, and FF7 Rebirth also received a dream rating in our test.

Angering: The game will initially be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Although the exclusivity only applies until the end of May 2024, a release in a year at the earliest seems much more realistic to us.

The most important Steam releases of the week

Monday, February 26

  • Pull Stay (Early Access): A pretty crazy mix of action and tower defense, best compared to Orcs Must Die. However, here you are a Japanese hikikomori, a person who doesn’t want to go outside under any circumstances and therefore defends his house with traps made from everyday objects.

    Tuesday, February 27

    • Builders of Greece (Early Access): In this building game, you build cities in the heyday of ancient Greece. However, caution is advised, as the title comes from the controversial publisher PlayWay, which has often been criticized for its strange approach.

    • Primitive Society Simulator (Early Access): Another game about building up. Here you become a tribal leader and establish a hopefully functioning community with the first humans in the Stone Age.
    • Dicefolk: A roguelike deck builder in which you collect Pokémon-like chimeras, upgrade them and send them into battle. However, a lot of strategic skill is required here, as your actions in the battles depend on the luck of the dice, which presents you with difficult decisions every round.

    Wednesday, February 28

    • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake: The co-op adventure celebrated for its touching story and clever gameplay is being re-released after more than ten years – with better graphics and a soundtrack by a live orchestra.
    • Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster: The 90s shooter in the Star Wars universe is released in a remastered version on Steam.

    Thursday, February 29

    • Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: In this mixture of building, survival and action-adventure game, you become the famous hero Robin Hood and build a settlement in Sherwood Forest. However, just like Builders of Greece, it comes from PlayWay.
    • Direct Contact (Early Access): The tactical modern military shooter places particular emphasis on authentic warfare, with a focus on realistic weapons and strategic team play.
    • Welcome to Paradize: Here you have to enslave zombies in the post-apocalypse to help you build and defend your base. It’s a bit like Palworld with the undead.

    Friday, March 1

    • The Brew Barons: To round off the week, there’s an interesting mix of flight simulation and management. In your self-built biplane you fight against air pirates who cause problems for your self-built bar.

      Which title piques your interest this week? Have you discovered anything else exciting besides FF7 Rebirth that’s being released on Steam this week? Or are you keeping your hands off it? After all, with Dragon’s Dogma 2, Outcast and co. there are still some exciting games coming in March.

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