New on Steam: A secret shooter tip and a big survival sandbox await you this week


A lot of new games are released on Steam every week. We have picked out the most exciting titles for you

The new week may not be able to boast superlatives such as themost beautiful game of the yearbut there are still some exciting titles waiting to be released on Steam.

In the next few days, you can look forward not only to an extensive survival sandbox, but also to a shooter that our editor Peter has been waiting for a long time.

Highlight of the week: Soulmask

  • Genre:Survival
  • Release:May 31, 2024

    Soulmaskwas already playable as a demo on Steam in February and attracted quite a few survival fans back then. Now the game is being released in Early Access on Steam, earlier than initially planned.

    You start your fight for survival in a dense jungle. Later on, however, you will also explore snowy mountain peaks and dusty deserts. You will have to fight enemy warriors and creatures such as sabre-toothed tigers and mammoths with swords, bows and other medieval weapons.

    In typical genre fashion, you collect food and resources, build weapons and equipment and establish your own base. You can also build entire villages and recruit NPCs to work there. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new skills and technologies that will make you stronger. You can even fight battles against other tribes and players later on.

    More exciting releases

    Monday, May 27

    • The Rogue Prince of Persia: After The Lost Crown, the next Prince of Persia is now a roguelike with an unusual graphic style. That may sound like it takes some getting used to, but our editor Sören has already had the chance to play the new titleand was pleasantly surprised.

    Wednesday, May 29

    • Capes: A turn-based strategy game in which you lead a group of frowned-upon superheroes. The tactically demanding XCOM spin-off was fun for our tester,but can’t quite keep up with its genre colleagues.

    • Nine Sols:In ourmonthly preview for MayFritz aptly describes this action game as a 2D segiro in a cyberpunk setting. You can expect tough battles in which you have to attack or block at exactly the right time. You can also play a demo on Steam.

    Thursday, May 30th

    • Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator:A mixture of survival game and simulation, comes from thecontroversial publisher Playway. As a Russian train driver, you drive through cold Siberia with plenty of vodka, of course, and take on bears and the rickety locomotive, among other things.

    • Vendir: Plague of Lies: A classic role-playing game in which you explore a dark fantasy world with a group of heroes. The direction of the story will depend on your decisions and the battles will be turn-based.

    Friday, May 31st

    • F1 24: The latest offshoot of the official racing game for the Formula 1 World Championship. This year, the developers are promising a major update for the career mode. The handling of the vehicles has also been improved.

    • Selaco: If you just want to play a no-frills single-player shooter again, Selaco is the game for you. You shoot your way through a series of levels, collect health, ammunition and key cards and experience a story.

    Saturday, June 1

    • Lake Minnewaska:A story-driven adventure in which you uncover the secrets of the eponymous lake as a fish. The developers promise an emotional journey during which you will learn more about the character and her daughter.

    Nothing in this week’s releases for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other exciting games to discover!

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