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New on Steam: A cool mix of construction and role-playing games awaits you this week

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This week, lovers of strategy and role-playing games can look forward to the new releases on Steam

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for us to take a look at this week’s most important new releases on Steam  The highlight this time is a game that is likely to push a lot of GameStar readers’ buttons. Building strategy, role-playing game and Viking all in one? That could be exciting!

Highlight of the week: Sons of Valhalla

(Genre: Strategy RPG – Developer: Pixel Chest – Release: April 5 (Steam)

In Sons of Valhalla you take on the role of the Viking Thorald Olavson. Your village has been burned down and your beloved kidnapped – no wonder Thorald seeks revenge and sets off for England to confront the hostile Jarl.

But he can’t do it alone: you have to build up a warrior force and a fortress, plunder neighboring villages and manage your settlement to become more powerful and stand your ground against your enemies. Similar to the Kingdom games it is a 2D sidescroller.

More exciting releases of the week

Tuesday, April 2

  • Astra: Knights of Veda: A Free2Play role-playing game that also appears on Android and iOS. The pretty graphics are reminiscent of the titles by Japanese RPG experts Vanillaware – if the gameplay can also keep up, it might be worth a look.

  • Pixel Gun 3D: PC Edition: This multiplayer shooter has been a hit on smartphones for years and is extremely successful with over 100 million downloads. Now you can also use over 1,500 weapons on your PC and prove yourself in countless game modes.

  • Of Life and Land (Early Access): The building game wants to entice you with a particularly reactive game world – we’ve already seen lots of exciting ideas in our Early Access test!

Wednesday, April 3

  • Anonymous Hacker Simulator: In this simulation you become a black hat hacker who naturally wears a Guy Fawkes mask. You steal credit card data, go shopping for upgrades on the Darknet and uncover the secrets of a powerful company along the way.

    Thursday, April 4

    • Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue: In this simulation in typical Playway style, you become a crime scene cleaner. However, you are threatened by the mafia, so you not only have to remove bloodstains, but also destroy crucial evidence.

      Friday, April 5

      • Monsters Domain: To round off the week, you can look forward to another game that sounds exciting, at least on paper. As a kind of Dungeon Keeper you have to defend your dungeon against attacking heroes. You not only fight from a first-person perspective, but also place skeletons, zombies and other monsters in strategically important places to defend your territory.


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